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    Hey there! Welcome to my lil space on MUT!

    I used to be a super moderator here, but then I went back to work and well, life just got really hectic. I loved being part of the mod-squad and I was really sad to step down. :-(

    But my heart still belongs to MUT and every single one of you who have made it such a wonderful place for me! I love you all!

    Well, that's all for now. See you all on the boards!

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  1. Hello MUTers! Wow! It's been a while since I've been on here and it looks sooooooooooooooooooooo different and very nice! I have no idea how to navigate (still trying to figure out how to find all recent threads for today instead of having to go to specific forums) my way around the boards. And OMGz! All the moderators are different! Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hi to all the friends I have on here (if you're still around) and everyone on MUT! Cheers!
  2. I use Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15. I'm MAC NC30 (winter) and NC35 (summer) and use the Beige shade. I found Neutral to be too dark. I love it bc you really don't need a lot. If you use the MAC 187 to apply it, a pea size for your forehead and another pea size for your cheeks, jawline, chin and nose is all you need.
  3. Originally Posted by Andi Ok first of all I hope nobdy is weirded out by my question! Although I´m definitely not having kids before I turn about 30 (my fiancé wants them sooner, but I´m strongly against that lol) I think about pregnancy and delivery a lot. I plan every big decision in my life, so I want everything figured out and have all the informations I need before I´m knocked up Question: What is worse for your boobs? Breastfeeding, the pregnancy itself or a combination of both? I know everybody´s body is different, but I just wanna hear some opinions. Question #2: For those of you that had a planned c-section (which is what I´m leaning towards having myself), is it true that you get this pouch of fat about your C-section scar that you can´t get rid of? Like, you´ll have this piece of fat roll that´s hanging over the scar. My fiancé says he doesn´t want me to get a planned c-section because he thinks the scars are so ugly! When I did my gynaecology internships the fresh scars I saw were actually very small and subtle. So I don´t understand why somebody would find that ugly. Question 1: Both. While breasfeeding is great for the baby, it does absolutely nothing for you. They sag and you get stretch marks. Plus, they hurt like hell if you don't release some milk in between feedings. During pregnancy, it's not as bad. Just a little sore. Question 2: My mom and some friends have had c-section and the scar isn't that bad. Eventually, it fades into a silvery line. As for the fat, well, I'm in pretty good shape (I do cardio and weights). But I can't for the life of me get rid of the pouch. I guess if didn't have anything better to do except to exercise, I would probably get rid of it! LOL
  4. When they don't list the products used or they fast-track the video (the kind where they're doing makeup a mile a minute and the video, a supposed tutorial is only 2 mins. long).
  5. I have used Lightscapade MSF as a face highlight everyday for a year now and the dome is only starting to flatten. So I think I have another year left on it!
  6. OMG Thais! How did I miss this? It was posted almost two years ago!
  7. You'll never go wrong with a screwdriver if your bartender knows what they're doing.
  8. People who drive like idiots and then I get 10x more pissed when I find out that they are also on their cell phone! grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. All MAC: Viva Glam V High Tea Honeylove Velvet Teddy Blow Dry (LE) Lollipop Loving (LE)

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