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  1. I have a backup of MAC's Shimpagne MSF. But I dont think I will ever go through my current pan of Shimpagne! LOL. It's endless.
  2. Originally Posted by Andi Hm the infamous Ped Egg. I want this! I have use those callus removers (those that look like a cheese grater but the blade gets dull so fast. I´ll definitely look into getting the Ped Egg since I think I definitely have a callus problem (so does my mom lol) Welll, the PedEgg is kinda like a cheese greater.. LOL. And the blades get dull in 2-3 months... So you need to replace them. You may have used something similar to PedEgg afterall.
  3. The best "anti-stinky-feet" combo I have found is the following.. I have this little thing called a PedEgg which was sent from heaven. LOL. It **really** gets rid of all the dead skin, calluses on your feet. I do this once every 10-14 days (the stuff is very powerful so be careful not to over-do it). This by itself significantly decreases any chance of foot odor because you get rid of all the dead skin, etc. Then I have this foot spray by sally hansen, I always spray it on my feet before I put pantyhose on, and also inside my shoes. On occasion (on hot days, or when I work out), I put a bit of Gold Bond foot powder inside my shoes for extra protection. With this combo, no more stinky feet.
  4. My best combo for making foundation last has been using a good primer first (fave: Smashbox photofinish) and the spritzing my face with Model in a Bottle spray after the makeup is all done.
  5. Did u guys see the new lash stash? I got it last week. 10 mascara samplws for 35 dollars. I love trying a new mascara every day.
  6. I saw this at sephora and not only the colors are gorgeous, but I have never seen a powder eyeshadow with this texture before. It is sooo smooth it feels like a cream. It is even smoother than LORAC eyeshadows which are my golden standard for good quality eyeshadows. The pigmentation is out of this world too.
  7. I wonder how the new super-orgasm blush differs from the original orgasm blush...>!?!?
  8. Thais

    A MUST Buy

    I had it before and it did nothing for my lashes... Was pretty "blah"...
  9. Thanks Aquilah!! You're right, it covers just fine!!! I will have to look into it. Thanks!
  10. Originally Posted by Aquilah Okay, I'll try to take pics today. I need to try out the new MSFN I got in a swap anyway LOL! Thanks, girlie!
  11. Originally Posted by Ashley I noticed that too when I bought it a couple of months ago. I have no idea, but do you happen to know your shade in MAC? I can range from NC 25(winter)-35(tanned) and I'm using Nirvana. I think Nirvana will be a good match if you're around NC 30. I'm like, NC 32.5 LOL. NC 35 is a tad dark. I wish there was a sephora nearby. waaaa Originally Posted by Aquilah Seriously, get Universal. It truly does work, even though it seems like it might not. That's what I'm using now, even though my normal color is Hallucination. Hey Aquee! missed ya! Could you send me a picture of you wearing the universal, please? I'm a little skeptical about that one, even though I believe you 100%, I just want to see with my own eyes! LOL
  12. Hey everybody! Long time no post! How are ya'll? Quick question... I used to wear Urban Decay's surreal skin mineral foundation in "Supernatural", which was a perfect match for my skin tone. To my surprise, I just went to sephora's website and found out that they no longer have this shade!!! Grrrrr. Do you girls know which one of the new shades is equivalent to the "old" supernatural? Based on the website's swatches, it looks like "Trance" may be the closest match, but it is impossible to tell ! Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Do you guys apply cheek stains before or after foundation? In my mind, it would probably only "stick" to your skin if you apply it to bare skin... Am I right? I am guessing that if you apply it on top of foundation, once the foundation melts away, the tint probably goes away with it...??
  14. LORAC and STILA are probably my all-time faves, followed closely by Smashbox and NARS, then MAC and Bare Escentuals.
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