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  1. Originally Posted by brewgrl What is actually sad is the Forever 21 sweatshop practices. Underpaid workers in substandard conditions (no working plumbing in facilities) for days at a time, being watched over by guards... It doesn't just happen in third world countries, it happens in LA too. Damn skippy. And that's why I refuse to patronize any of their stores. There were actually picket lines and protesters outside the CEO's home some time ago. The protesters were mostly women, many of them illegal immigrants, protesting the shoddy treatment being doled out... guards locking the bathrooms because the women "used it too much"... it turns my stomach. This is why I am very much against illegal immigration, they are the most exploited and maltreated people in the United States today, and some people even called me 'facist' for stating my belief in this. The F21 Corporation has shown many times that it does not care about the people who work the factories, they work them like dogs all day only to have them work just as hard the next day, and then the execs ride back to their houses in their swanky cars to get a good night's sleep. I'm really glad that F21 is losing alot of money right now. I hope it goes to the crapper where it belongs. Don Chang and his wife belong in jail also.
  2. OMG you guys, I started using shampoo again, and I totally regret it. I cleaned out one of my bathroom cabinets, and I decided to use up a nearly-empty bottle of old shampoo my husband used to use. It had cones, sulfates and every other unmentionable in it's full glory. Let me tell you, my scalp went wild with the itchies. So of course I scratched myself up, loosing both hair and skin, now I've got scabs. And flakes that didn't used to be a problem before. Sorry, TMI, I know. I'm just so mad at myself for going back to that when there was nothing wrong with my CO-wash routine. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can use to soothe this poor scalp of mine while it heals? Aloe vera did not help, nor did tea tree oil.
  3. You know, there once was a time I signed up on BHM, but I don't really go there that often anymore, and I haven't for the longest time (no interest in participating in the e-gangster mentality, lack of interesting information, lack of time.) In 2006, I was drawn to BHM for the hair growth section to get tips, I created a Fotki where I quickly got trashed royally and had my character degraded for my unconventional hair maintenance, so I took it down a few hours later. I wasn't a high participant in the sidditty LHCF especially after a bunch of homophobic remarks, got my pictures stolen, and the strong "religious=fanatical" sentiment there. Yeah, my stint there did not last long. Good riddance.
  4. ^ Not necessarily. A good primer does not interfere with the texture quality of your lip color. I have not really noticed this problem with myself, but then again, I use alot of lipstains, so there isn't a "rub off" effect. I think some of the other ladies have hit you with some good suggestions.
  5. Sephora's girl, I don't personally use anything to prime my lips before using a lip color. But one time, when we were getting ready for a night out, a very good friend of mine used L'Oreal HIP foundation with a Q-Tip on her lips (it looked to be like a yellowish-caramel color... she is very chocolate brown, so definitely too light to use on the rest of her face). She put some nudish colored lip gloss on, and she looked great. It did not look weird or ashy at all. Even when we were drinking, it didn't appear to smudge or come off all night, so I guess it works well for her.
  6. Originally Posted by sephoras girl More pics! Hey, who are your favorites Sephora's Girl? I would love to see more pics too... post 'em! But just for kicks, lemme get a few more up here: Gabrielle Union - I love the shell pink lipstick she's wearing here, and the very subtle matte black smoky lid she's wearing. She's also got the trademark bright coral blush. She looks great, but it's the same look all time, I would love to see her take a risk with something different just to show us a new side of her. Kelly Rowland... the best looking one of the DC Trio (IMO), she does not need a lot of makeup to look good... does she even get skin blemishes??? She always sticks with her tried and true tinted lipgloss, augmented lashes and a dash of color on the lids. I see she also did a white liner on her lower water line, looks great! And... The Great Iman! She was part of the reason brown liner and clear gloss began as a style, she makes it look so good. I love how she used a charcoal (greyish black) smoky look for her deep set eyes. I cannot believe this woman is going to be pushing towards her sixties in not too long. She always had naturally faint eyebrows, but I wonder if they were darker, could it make her look even younger?
  7. Originally Posted by AngelaGM Give it to me hard, grandpop! Ewww that makes me feel sick! I hope I don't offend. That just ain't right Angela. Can you imagine what Hef busting a nut would look like?
  8. Those two are mildly amusing. In a pitiful way, of course. There isn't any public photo of them where they are just candid. It's always staged and fake looking.
  9. I don't think Man Coulter believes in much of the stuff s/he says publicly. S/he does it to make waves, that's all. S/he's not even a real pundit (IMO), just a loud mouth.
  10. Nox

    I can't believe....

    Well, I'm already inspired by one of the candidates, so I don't really give a fug about all the rest.
  11. I hear Ale is one of the sweethearts of the industry, very humble and well-mannered, just like Adriana. Although, Adriana is always #1 in my book. Ale has a certain appeal about her, I can admit that, but I personally do not appreciate her look as much as the next person might.
  12. They all look beautiful on that cover! Kendra and Holly's face photographed especially well.
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