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  1. Ugh. I was a vegetarian for 16 years and just started eating meat again in May of last year. Maybe I will stop again. I can't watch the video.
  2. I haven't read any other responses, but I would just continue to get to know him and stay open, but listen to your gut about it. You may not have a romantic match, but you could end up with a really good friend!
  3. Hi there! you are going to have lots of fun here!
  4. I don't think that can be determined visually very well. I think it has more to do with measurements and waist to hip ratio. OH and lots of science is theorhetical. Its annoying when people represent scientific theory as absolute fact. ANYWAY.... I think shes gorgeous also. Few people really look that great without MU
  5. I do this a lot, but I have been trying to wait before I actually make a purchase, or one of my favorite things to do is go through my current "stuff" and that usually kills it. In the case of a lip scrub, I would prolly wait to see if I could find something cheaper.
  6. I love voting on these, but it is SOOOO hard to pick because they are all so fabulous!
  7. Nice! The inglot color sounds really pretty!
  8. There are a number of anti redness serums available on the market. Aveeno and Eucerin both make good ones.
  9. There are lots of MAC and Chanel fakes on ebay, We were looking at lot sales of fake MAC, products they never made. There were a lot of fake Barbie Loves MAC for awhile. Tons of fake brushes. If youre okay with fake then fine, but just so you know IMO ask here or at MUA if people think things are fakebefore you buy
  10. Speaking of EDM (yeah old thread lol) Does anyone know if there is a comparison at all to MAC foundation colors? I know EDM really has a great selection, but the color choice is a bit intimidating. Its the only MMU that I have wanted to try since BE. Well, I have Jane Iredale, but I very rarely wear it. I want something that will last. Someone else mentioned that BE just doesn't last, and I found that to be true also, and I hated Mineral Veil and the fact that BE was so shiny.
  11. IMHO Love is SO much more than feelings. If I went by my feelings about everything in whatever given moment that I felt them, I would be in a sorry state. Love is an action, and its a commitment. I think the key in any relationship is to be committed to that person. Not to put so much pressure on them by having a ton of expectations that no human being can ever meet. I didn't marry for the first (and only) time till I was 44. Marriage is VERY HARD. I think part of the illusion these days is also that it's hard and no one talks about how hard it is till it has fallen apart. Some people look at other couples and think their relationship must be soooo perfect, but if you could be a fly on the wall in their home you would likely see something very different. Just some random thoughts!
  12. Originally Posted by JoyR It goes without saying that a person can spend her money any way she chooses. It also goes without saying that I can have an opinion about how someone spends her money. I think this woman is demonstrating obsessive behavior. On a couple of occasions she says "I just have them for the sake of having them." She also shows at least 20+ lip colors that she claims to "use every day." I understand the tendency to hoard, but I still think it's not healthy behavior. Yeah, that is kinda what I was pointing to. Its definitely indicative of a problem.
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