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    [color=purple]Hi everyone, I am Mabel from California (originally from Malaysia) and have been living here with my husband and his family for 2 yrs.

    I speak many Chinese dialects(Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokian...) fluently. Also, I speak Malay and Englsih, but the fact is that I do make tons of mistakes in English grammar and pronunciation.

    Pathetic, sensitive, nosey, caring, funny...can be used to describe me. I used to be a pessimistic person, but I think I have learned to be more optimistic ever since I met my hubby. However, my bad temper has remained the same and sometimes I even can bear myself. I'm really bad!

    My favorite colors are green, pink, blue and purple. I like chocolate and sometimes I can eat up to half box at a time but I have to drink a lot of water after that as I can have sore throat easily. Okie...one thing to add here ==> I'm a big fan of KFC! (or basically everything with chicken) LOL!

    I am the middle child of three sisters. We are living in 3 different countries; my elder sister is in Singapore, my two younger sisters are staying with my parents in Malaysia, and I'm here. I miss them so much!

    I love horror and suspense flicks and comedy as well.Hmm...and yeah, I love summer than any other seasons because I was born and raised in a tropical country. I think I still need some more time to adapt to the weather here(or tell myself to like it).

    That's all for now! :) [/color]
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    there's a tiny heart shaped birthmark on my right arm
  1. mabelwan

    Searching for loose powder

    I'm using Becca Loose powder and I'm lovin' it!
  2. mabelwan

    Best Skin Care Products

    1. Facial Cleanser: Estee Lauder Splash Away foam cleanser 2. Facial Moisturizer: Biotherm Moisture Intense Guard Moisturizer 3. Face Mask: Shu Uemura 4. Facial Exfoliant/At-Home Dermabrasion: Biotherm Exfoliator 5. Acne Treatment: AcneFree blemish terminator
  3. mabelwan

    Best Concealer/Primer

    1. Concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Cover and Secret Camouflage 2. Foundation Primer: none 3. Eyelash Primer: Smashbox 4. Eyeshadow Primer/Base: UDPP
  4. mabelwan

    Best Lip Products

    1. Lipstick: Maybelline 2. Lip Stain: none 3. Lipgloss: Bourjois 3D lipgloss 4. Lip Balm: none
  5. mabelwan

    Best Blush/Bronzer/Other

    1. Blush: Nars Gina 2. Bronzer: Wet n' Wild 3. Luminizer/Highlighter: Smashbox soft lights 4. Multi-Purpose Item: none
  6. mabelwan

    Best Eyeshadow/Mascara

    1. Pressed Eyeshadow: MAC 2. Loose Eyeshadow: none 3. Mineral Eyeshadow: none 4. Mascara: Lancome
  7. mabelwan

    Best Brow Product/Eyeliners

    1. Brow Product: Stila Brow Set 2. Gel Eyeliner: MAC Fluidlines 3. Pencil Eyeliner: Revlon colorstay 4. Liquid Eyeliner: none
  8. mabelwan

    Best Face Makeup

    1. Liquid Foundation: Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation 2. Mineral Foundation: Everyday Mineral 3. Tinted Moisturizer: none 4. Face Powder for Setting: Becca Loose Powder
  9. mabelwan

    What eye make-up remover do you use?

    Lancome Bi-Facil eye makeup remover
  10. mabelwan

    How do i put eyeliner on if i dont have any eyelids?

    I think you're saying you have single eyelid that most asians have, right? I learned from a Taiwanese beauty show that you have to draw the line thicker and use similar eye shadow color on the "crease".
  11. mabelwan

    I Am Soooo Excited!!

    Congrats Ashley!
  12. mabelwan

    Wanted to share some good news with you!

    Congrats on your new job!
  13. mabelwan

    Happy Birthday, Ashlee Nicole! (makeupwhore54)

    Happy Birthday!
  14. mabelwan

    Which is better?

    I like the first one too....it sounds interesting and funny!
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