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  1. Very pretty, love the red bits on the lid, and LOVE your hair color!
  2. -Liz-

    The Or Game

    Smiles Elastics or Hair Clips
  3. eyeliner foundation or BB cream
  4. I totally agree, my first reaction was to tell you to go see one. It may be simple dry skin or it could be worse. Don't mess around with irregularities in you skin. Keep it moisturized and try not to use anything drying (ie: your facewash) Good luck!
  5. Cremeteam comes out tomorrow, feb 5th and hello kitty comes out on feb 12th
  6. The lipglosses are not sticky at all, they offer sheer coverage and they feel wonderful. Theyre a nice break from super sticky lipglasses and thick creamy lipsticks. Im in love, i have three and i cant wait for more!
  7. YAYY!!!! Youre moving to Montreal!!!! Okay, not because I'm biased or anythng (okay i am...) but its one of the best cities in Canada to live in if you can deal with the French. If you know a bit you're good to go. Alot of people speak English although there are certain areas that are mainly French, if youre in the downtown area its pretty much either way. There's so much to do and see, and the people are nice! Do you know which area you will live in? I may be able to point you in the right directions for some things. Check craigslist.ca and kijiji.ca to find appartments and such and pm me if you have any questions. And if you like hockey...this is the place for you lol, we're a hockey city through and through.
  8. Theyre wonderful, id love to see a tutorial, if youre anywhere near as good doing natural makeup youre set!!! Great job!
  9. -Liz-

    MAC Liquidlast

    Definitly something oil based, i personally prefer the wipes or a dual (where you have to shake the remover) because yo dont end up with such a greasy residue. Rosie, that sounds so interesting, im gonna go google it!
  10. It looks more like Blankety or Spirit, maybe even freshbrew with spice and a lipgloss Maybe somewhere along the lines of N2 from the N collection but i highly doubt its only one thing./

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