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  1. It is a lot easier to apply inside of a Macy's as opposed to a MAC store and the best way to work start working at Mac is by offering your services for free until a position becomes available. This can give the training that you will need as well as a referral for Sephora or any other place. I have several friends who went this route and it has worked every time. Have your resume ready as well as a portfolio of your work(a few clear pics of family & friends) do not under dress, have your makeup fully done and your in a fun style. Dress in all black and mimic the look of a MAC makeup artist. Please do not, I repeat do not give your resume to anyone other than a manager. One thing about these girls are they are biotches. Not all but I hear stories from my friends all of the time and some of them have even quit due to the drama. Good Luck Ladies!!!
  2. I don't know why I never thought of that. Thank you so much Nox. I'll check with my dermatologist and let you know how it turned out.
  3. Originally Posted by xXxBeckyxXx I dont know what you mean buy razor scars, do you mean where you have cut yourself or have got bumps from shaving which have scarred? try vitamin e oil for now thats great for scars. Hi Becky. I meant the scars that I have from bumps. Although the bumps aren't bad I have these marks. I need to get rid of them. If anyone knows a way please help.
  4. I have razor scars on my bikini area. I'm light skinned and I'm looking to get rid of these hideous marks. Can someone recommend a procedure either chemical, cream or laser. I don't care how much it costs. Please help.
  5. I'm not sure about pills but I know that eating meat, drinking protein shakes and working out every couple of hours (strength training not cardio) is what bodybuilders do to gain muscle mass. There's no easy way. If you're serious, talk to a nutritionist and hire a trainer.
  6. Hi ladies, I would like some tips or advice on this look Im coming up with and would like some input on products. To start with I am going for a bronzed sunkissed glow look. Im about Tracie Ross's completion but without the fabulous glow. Does anyone watch girlfriends on ch 9. Tracie ross(Joan) this is something of what Im trying to achieve. http://content.clearchannel.com/Phot..._MattSmith.jpg Here's another! http://www.7daynet.biz/beyonce/beyon...wles-top-0.jpg *My plan is to use Jergens Natural glow and maybe a good body bronzer! Three things ladies. 1. I wanted to know if Nars Body Glow is sticky and/or comes off on clothing. Nars Body Glow 2. If so, can Nars Bronzing Powder be used all over the body to achieve this glow? Nars Bronzing Powder 3. Can someone recommend a product that will give me this desired look and would not smudge or rub off. Thanks in advance!

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