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    Welcome !!

    Hi, I'm Aude, 26, and currently living in Versailles, which used to be where Louis the 14th lived ! Still has a great castle, beautiful gardens, and old buildings around. It's a nice town to live in.

    I am a student in law, my dream is to become a judge, and help my fellow french citizens, solve mysteries (lol).

    I enjoy cats, you can see a pic of mine, it's a female cat (6 years old) named Guizmie. I have fun teasing that big fluffy ball, and she's very loving.

    Apart from makeup, i also love music, books, especially scifi, and tv shows. I enjoy longs walks around the seashore, i would like to own a house in Britany.

    I love tea, i enjoy going at the restaurant with my friends, i have very ecclectic taste in that matter, indian, japanese, crepes...

    I also have a fetish for rabbits !

    Last but not least, i am also a moderator, don't hesitate to contact me if you need help :)
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    Makeup, bookworm, tea, music junkie...
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  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    -Majolica Majorca, it has the cutest stuff !
    -fyrinnae eyeshadows (i want them ALL )
    -kryolan aquacolor neon eyeshadows palette
    -glitters, can't have enough of them
    -every blue e/s available in the world
    -DiorShow mascara
    -blacktrack fluidline
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    walking is better ! i love old cars though, maybe a thunder bird?
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    i'm a big fan of Tim Burton. i should also add Mary Poppins and Chihiro, my favorite from Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Favorite Music
    a bit of everything, i'm not exclusive ! I'm very fond of japanimation soundtracks. but my favorite stuff ever remains heavy metal. and Siouxsie Sioux :D
  • Favorite Books
    Breath and Bone by Carol Berg, it's fantastic !! Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series comes next.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    as long as there's pigments, and preferably shimmers or glitters, i'm happy !
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    Ask me your way !
  1. You could look at dermtv.com. That's the website of a dermatologist, he also makes videos on youtube, very instructive. I do have rosacea, and it's a pain to deal with. Regardless of the origin, when your skin is on fire, treat it like a burn. I like to spray some thermal water on my cheek (like La Roche Posay or Avene), then when it has cooled down, i apply my spot treatment for rosacea (Avene as well, they have a specific line for rosacea). A hydrating or soothing mask works well too, or simply a cream for burns. For the skincare itself, i think the only valuable advice is to take care of your skin and be gentle with it, no matter if it is allergies or rosacea that cause the redness. I use a milky texture to wash my face and remove my makeup, it's the most gentle thing i have found. Then i follow with serum, and moisturizer with spf. I use a night cream, and i rotate between textures, in winter i use heavier creams, in spring and summer i will go for lighter textures (i have combination skin). If your redness comes from allergies, skincare brands have developped specific lines for what they call sensitive intolerant skins. This combined with your antihistaminics works well (i also have allergies so i know it helps). The only downfall is they last 12 hours, so technically if you want to be covered, it's one dose in the morning, then one before going to sleep. In that case, know what things you are allergic to. If it's pollens, it's vital to know when they rise in spring or summer, and start your treatment before. If you have rosacea, at least get a specific treatment for your red areas (for me it's cheeks and nose), if not the whole line. All you can do in that case is slow down the process, wear sunscreen, avoid certain foods like spiced meals or red wine that are known to cause redness. But the only real treatment is laser.
  2. You can look for makeup items you like and would want to try, or buy one just for the sake of buying it in Paris, but the prices don't differ that much. Go early at Sephora on the Champs, the music is loud, the staff is always spraying new perfumes on a tester to give it to you, it's crowded, hot, yuck. I usually go in, buy what i want, and go out. On the other side of the street, you have a Ladurée store. They're okay for frozen goods, but the best part of it is the packaging. If you go to Monoprix you can find Bourjois there, nothing too extraordinary but it's a nice brand. Yves Rocher as well, L'occitane. In pharmacy, skincare brands, La Roche Posay, Bioderma, Avene, Galenic, Embryolisse, Nuxe (get that Reve de miel pot of lipbalm, it's fantastic !). My sister in law has the glossy box, she likes it (it's a monthly thing so i don't see any problem subscribing just for two months). I love tea, have too many beauty products in the bathroom, so instead i subscribed to the box named "envouthé" ^^. You can also look into food, chocolate, wine, step into a boulangerie. Not the best time to enjoy icecreams, but Berthillon is renowned for its fruit based icecreams (pineapple is to die for).
  3. That Kose oil is the best ! Apart from my makeup remover/cleanser, which comes from the supermarket, most of my skincare is bought in the pharmacy, which is more expensive than the supermarket, but considerably less than what we find at Sephora (my serum is priced at a third of the price Estée Lauder sells her serum and that's my most expensive skincare item). Morning : Cleansing with a gentle makeup remover/cleanser, a milky formula for reactive skins (the brand is Mixa). Thermal water spray (Uriage), mostly because of the hardwater. Serum, with vitamin C and antioxidants, Nectalys from Galenic (it's from the same lab as Avene, but their active ingredients are different). Moisturizer, hydrating and protective moisturizer with spf15, Aquapulpe from Galenic. Relief concentrate for chronic redness, Avene, on my cheeks and nose. I've been using this routine for about 4 months now, and i really like it. I might just change the moisturizer in spring. At night : same cleanser/makeup remover. Same serum. Amant du soir, night cream from Pulpe de vie (organic french brand). It's a rich texture, so it does provide something more to my skin. About once or twice a week : Hydrating mask from Aquapulpe (Galenic). A hydrating mask is quite personal in my opinion, i tried several until i found this one and i'm really satisfied with it. About every two weeks : I exfoliate my face, with a very simple and basic facescrub from my local organic store. I have sensitive skin with rosacea so i can't exfoliate too often, and don't talk to me about chemical exfoliation, those products are banished from my bathroom. I also follow with a clay mask, i do more clay masks during the warm seasons, i mostly do it in winter to clean my nose pores.
  4. My mom has a lactose free milk (cow milk), which is good, my cat likes it too ^^ (my cat is old but never grew out of her milk addiction). For yogurts, she eats those made with ewe or goat milk (beware of the fat though). Soy milk or yogurts are fine, but not exclusively. As for cheese, the refining process is said to kill lactose, so a little won't harm you. For cooking, we use soy cream, her milk, or rice milk, and coconut milk for certain recipes. The only real issue is whipped cream, all the plant based alternatives don't have enough fat or thickness to make a good whipped cream. Eating gluten free is relatively simple if you cook yourself (there are other cereals), not that i ate a lot before but even for the occasional laziness all the ready meals at the supermarket are to be avoided because if you're a celiac, even possible crossed contamination is too much. I'm not a celiac, however gluten makes me bloat, and i have trouble with barley and rye, they cause wreak havoc in my intestines. guess what flours are used in traditional gingerbreads The only trouble i have is baking gluten free. I always cut my flour with corn starch for fluffy cakes, but i can't find a good replacement for wheat flour. Some specialised brands make special blends of flour, but they're pricey and not easily found.
  5. See me without makeup, and you'll notice the mask i have, my red cheeks and my red nose (although i do have sensitive sinuses, i'm afraid part of it is just rosacea). As you said, day to day i try to minimize the redness (i use Avène, it helps), but all in all, all you can do is slow down the progress. I'm fortunate i don't have blemishes too often so i don't complain too much. I use Lancôme Teint Idole foundation. It's pricey, but it's a buildable medium coverage, and it has a good staying power (no need of hiding everything if it disappears later in the day), which i usually back up with a primer (Mac prep+prime), and a powder. It covers well my rosacea, i just use a little more on my cheeks. Then i powder before applying some blush and sometimes bronzer as a contour powder. You may have to blot and powder during the day, but i know i can apply the foundation in the morning and don't have to worry until dinner. I am not a fan of green concealer. To me, it's just a pain to manage, because you cover the pink, and then you have to cover the green. If you like it, Makeup Forever has a green tinted primer, which really adds something in the final result, but i don't like the gel texture which is why i bought the prep+prime primer instead. For spot control, i use my concealer (also from MAC, the select cover up).
  6. It's my favorite black eyeliner I have several eyeliners from Urban Decay, and considering in my country there isn't such a big difference in terms of price between cheap makeup and and brands like Urban Decay, i don't even bother to try another brand. Although i will say that Ransom is a very disappointing pencil, it's simply not enough pigmented so it turns into a light purplish pink instead of the strong color i know.
  7. I think Lush still has a face cleanser/scrub with charcoal inside (yes, i've checked it's Dark angels, you also have the coalface soap bar). I've done this mask a few times (i rotate with white clay masks), and it works well. It's also funny to have a black mask on your face ^^
  8. It's been on the news in my country too. It's a very sad event. On the subject of guns, obviously this is a major cultural difference, but i will say that to me, having a gun at home is not something i consider sane. We can try to rebuild the world with our theories about guns but i think when someone wants to do damage, the tool doesn't really matter.
  9. I make sure i moisturize, day and night. It's really key to prevent dry skin, cracked heels, and so on. If you have eczema, it's no secret dry skin is its best friend. Olive oil is a good tool for scrubs, i don't do scrubs too often, but it's good to get rid of dry skin on your heels (i use coarse salt or sugar). Then i like to apply a good amount of macadamia nut oil on my feet, and apply socks just after. For my hands, it's not really a DIY product, but more a DIY procedure. If they're really dry and cracked, to the point they hurt and look like they're about to bleed open, apply a face serum (or a hydrating mask), then apply a handcream with a good amount of oils and butters inside, then wrap them with gauze. They look much better the next morning, and are repaired in a couple of days.
  10. 1. What are your every day essentials? Lipbalm, handcream, hand sanitizer, brow powder. 2. How often do you shower? Everyday. 3. What kind of hair products do you use? Shampoo from the pharmacy and oils. 4. What are your favorite makeup brands? Urban Decay, Fyrinnae, i'm not exclusive. 5. Do you wash your face before bed? In the AM? Yes to both. 6. What's your favorite way to do your hair? I just blowdry my layers in place, and let it hang loose on my shoulders. i have fine hair, so not tying it is apparently the best thing i can do to my hair. 7. Are the any hair styles you wish you could do? Yes, Torrin's hairstyles for example (on youtube), i try to grow out my hair but it got so fragile i had to cut several inches 8. Are your nails always manicured? Yes, but usually i just apply a coat of clear polish, i can't wear polish at work so i'm cheating with a protective base. 9. Which makeup product could you not live without? Mascara. Definitely. 10. Flat irons, aka hair straighteners: Evil or awesome? Evil. I don't own any. 11. Do you go tanning or use self-tanner? Tanning beds are bad for your skin, and i don't bother using self tanners, they don't look natural considering i burn under the sun. 12. How often do you poke yourself in the eye with your eyeliner? I created a rule for myself : if i'm too tired, or in a rush, i don't use eyeliner. So, never I still poke myself sometimes with mascara ^^ 13. Do you like a lot of makeup on, or do you like a natural style better? I'm fine with both, if it's applied well, you won't look like you have a lot on. 14. On average, how long does it take to get your hair and makeup done? I would say 45 minutes, 30 for makeup, 15 for hair, i'm not used to my new haircut, so blowdrying takes me some time. 15. Favorite nail polish color? Gilded from Acquarella. 16. Do you ever go out in public without makeup on? Yes, there are days i don't have time or don't want to wear makeup on. Whatever, i'm still the same person underneath. 17. What's your best beauty tip? Practice ! 18. Do you have acne? If so, how do you treat it? Very rarely. I use an essential oil and a q-tip to apply it on the spot. 19. Favorite eye shadow color? Sin from Urban Decay, my go-to colour. 20. Do you dye your hair? Never, i like my natural color too much. 21. What's the worst (most and least) you would pay for makeup? About $50 for a foundation, and $30 for a mascara, i can really splurge on these items. I don't really have a minimal pricetag, it depends on the brands, some cheap brands are really good, others, a waste of money. 22. Have you ever gotten your makeup professionally done? Once, at the release of the Barbie collection from MAC. That's where i learned a makeup base can be useful as mine totally melted, and the makeup artist didn't have much experience in applying makeup on others. Bad experience. 23. Have you ever had a facial? Yes, once. Lovely time, i wish facials were less expensive so i could have one every once in a while.
  11. I used to meet that problem a lot, even brands and shops specialised in generous cups (certain consider even a D cup is a generous size, nuts !) don't stock on all sizes, which is why i order online instead of going to a store. How many times have i heard 95E equals a 90F (french sizes), and how many times have i told the saleslady that she'd better learn what she's talking about before selling me her sh*t (politely). I am fortunate to know my size and to have found a true brand for generous cups, so i can order online and compare prices.

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