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  1. In fact, sulfate-free doesn't mean gentleness... the gentler surfactants are the amphoteric or non ionic ones (Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate er Diacetate are a few examples) :-)
  2. Great job :-))) And there are many other ingredients...
  3. That's a good idea !! I've always been told that you should put the developer before to insure a perfect mix (but it's especially available for creams, liquid tints are easier to mix) ;-)
  4. It's sure ! An example : Serie Expert Absolute Repair shampoo is the twin of Kerastase Reflection Bain Miroir #2, Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Masque is the twin of Kerastase Masquintense for Coarse hair, Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Shampoo is the twin of Kerastase Oleo Relax Shampoo... there are many other examples !! Sometimes there's a little change in the ingredient list (but it concerns ingredients that are a the very end of the list), sometimes only the smell and the color change... what you really pay for is above all the name (and great formulas too of course) ;-)
  5. Sebastian Laminates Masque ;-) It has a smooth slippery texture that allows to spread easily without frictions and leaves hair supple and shiny after rinsing :-))
  6. Color Charm always mix 1:2 = two parts of developper for one part color.
  7. The shampoo is a very good one, silicone-free (so it won't make your hair become oily quicker), the condition is a good (but basic one) and the treatment is wonderful as it detangles ans soften the hair instantly. You can add another product (within the same range) that is a miracle too : Sealed Ends, it's a thick cream, silicone based but containing detangling and moisturizing agents (which is not the case in basic silicones serums), it smooths, detangles and moisturize your hair, and you can use it as a leave-in conditioner over the whole length (but use a little, it's very concentrated) ;-)
  8. Many of Kerastase products have a twin within the L'Oreal's Serie Expert range (some have not)... for a lower price ! Take a look over the ingredient listing to verify ;-)
  9. Originally Posted by Leony Please post your favourite Leave-In Conditioner here, pretty please I haven't found any, yet because I've only tried a few; MOP, Jean-Marc Maniatis and Tigi. So far I really like Tigi Bed Head Ego Boost. I like that it makes my hair soft, shiny and healthy too. Please share if you have any favourite and explain why you love/like it. PS. I've searched for the same/similar thread, but there wasn't any thread posted for this topic, yet. Roux's 2-Phase equalizing leave-in treatment or Fermodyl Interactives 2-Phase Treatment & Shine (either the 0233 of 0619 formulas)... instant and wonderful detangling and great shine (breakage reducing for the 0233 formula, moisture increasing for the 0619 formula) ;-)) And they don't weight hair down !!
  10. Originally Posted by beaglette What is everyone's favorite makeup brushes that are reasonably priced? Has anyone found any that are comparable to MAC? If so, which ones (#'s and brands?) Also, are there various brands that you use different brushes from? I have several brushes-- Revlon Professional (found these at Sally's), Philosophy, Body Shop and EDM sent me some free brushes with my order. I also have some cheap ELF brushes and brushes I got from bath and Body Works years ago. Any suggestions would be mucho appreciated! Warmly, Brandi aka beaglette The Body Shop are very good brushes because they're made of synthetic hairs that are extremely soft to the touch. Lumiere Minerals Cosmetics offers a large choice of brushes, in matter of shape and size, and are heavenly soft to the touche too :-))
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