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  1. Strongly consider going to a women's shelter and listen to everything they say. Men are always the most desperate and dangerous when they believe their woman is leaving them. Sadly, a protective order won't help you if he can locate and get his hands on you. He may get rearrested but it will occur after he finds you, not before. Also, he might think you are with a friend or family member they will be in danger as well. A women's shelter will be able to find you a safe place to live. Best of luck.
  2. I have thick wavy/curly hair. My hair is just past shoulder length. For me, having layers is the easiest way to manage my hair and keep it straighter. I either flat iron or let air dry while hair is in ponytails - both make my hair fairly straight.
  3. You don't mention if you are overweight or not. I say this because overweight males produce additional estrogen. This may be why your body has more estrogen than the average male. None the less, best of luck with your specialist appointment.
  4. This is what works for my skin - oily and acne prone: Wash face with cleanser - no oily stuff Don't use a moisturizer or primer Apply Revlon Colorstay for Oily skin foundation - has an spf so no need to apply a separate one. Set with a translucent powder Those that have really oily skin know that the less you do to it, the less oily is produced
  5. I recommend that you talk with your physician and see if they can refer you to a qualified social worker. You need a professional to help you work through issues regarding your ex. I would bet $100 that my father is a narcissist. He is now 70 and is the very same as if he were 20. Always remember that a narcissist's behaviour has got nothing to do with you and that they have a personality disorder. The only way they will ever change is when they recognize the pain they have caused to others and are willing to learn new behaviours. Best of luck.
  6. I use an organic/pure coconut oil - I tend to pre poo with the oil every other time I want to shampoo. Typically, I apply about 3 tablespoons of oil - completely saturate my dry hair so that all the strands are coated. I cover my hair with plastic to help warm the oil from my scalp and to keep the oil from dripping out. After soaking in for 3-4 hours, shampoo out (twice if the hair still feels oily), follow by conditioner. I've also applied a small amount of coconut oil after conditioning. Just don't apply too much - a few drops - or you'll end up with oily hair
  7. My husband and I got a greyhound from a Rhode Island track in 1992. At the time we lived in Ottawa. Her name was Tanya and she was a very sweet girl. At the time greyhounds were a novelty and she got attention where ever we went. We had to teach her several things like how to walk up/down stairs and how to not run from us when she got off her leash. A few of our neighbours would take her for long runs, which she really loved. My son was a baby - he had a few stuffed animals in his crib. I kept finding them in the spare room, where Tanya liked to sleep. Once I saw her quietly pulling a toy through the crib bars - then she took it to her room. Another quirk - she loved to lie in front of our huge dresser mirror that we had leaned against the wall - and bark at it occaisionally. We truly believed that she thought she was with real dog. Unfortunately we had to relocate to a city across Canada so we couldn't take her with us. She found a new home with a woman that had Italian greyhounds, so she was well educated with sight hounds.
  8. I had part time jobs by the time I was 14. I worked in the summer and throughout the school year. Looking back, I think I worked too much during the school year. But I enjoyed the money too much to scale back. My parents let me spend my money whatever way I wanted to - but they did advise me to save some of it. My son has pretty much followed suit. He was advised to save some of his earnings but I'm sure he spent most of it. He finished high school in Dec. Since then, he has had the opportunity to make money that he now uses in university. I agree with Dalylah - helps to teach a child about money and responsibility. I was listening to a financial adviser - forget the name. They advise giving a child money for each chore/task rather than a flat allowance to cover all chores for the week, This way, the child learns that they have to do extra things or work extra hard, to be rewarded. Similar to how many adults earn their salary.
  9. Three things that say he's not ready to commit - he's 18, he's broken off with you a few times, and he's been dating someone else for several weeks. Find a few good friends to hang out with, and block hm off facebook and texting/phone calls. I'm sure it was an intense 3 months relationship. But keep yourself busy and soon he will be a distant memory.
  10. Ya know, men are always on their best behaviour at the beginning of a relationship. Some will maintain a high level of adoration and respect for their woman. Others quickly revel themselves to be selfish, self absorbed, using dogs. Now you know which type of man you just freed yourself from. Believe me, this guy is a player and will continue to play you as long as you allow it. Rather than wanting to have the last breakup, be happy that you are finally free to find a decent man that will love, respect and adore you.

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