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  1. Thanks everyone - I had read about the olive oil too but I couldn't remember what it was for specifically.
  2. natural remedies to combat skin issues? I recently read a Natural Solutions magazine that suggested grapeseed oil for oily skin - wondering what else you've found tried and true....
  3. cdwdnw

    Favorite 3 Tv shows of 2006?

    How I Met Your Mother The Class Ugly Betty
  4. cdwdnw

    Weird question about reading

    Yes! LOL It's a bummer not to know what happens next!!
  5. cdwdnw

    Gym Membership: How much do you pay?

    Dh & I just joined a 3 yr old YMCA facility and it is $72 a month for he and I and we paid the extra $$ to be able to go to any YMCA in the Houston Area. I think if we stayed at our home location only it would be around $65.
  6. cdwdnw

    Large Pores & Mineral Makeup...

    OH MY GOSH! That Pure Luxe eraser is the best thing ever!!! I can't even believe it. I got it out of the mailbox this morning, put just a teeny tiny bit on and totally forgot about it - I went to the ladies room and looked - nothing, no pores - nada!! Used my first sample today too - I gotta wait till the end of the day to see what I think...went on real nice though... Let's see how much is left on my face come quittin time.... Thanks again for the Pure Lux tip.
  7. cdwdnw

    Large Pores & Mineral Makeup...

    my foundation doesn't clump, maybe because I swirl them first before sprtizing a moisture spray on my brush? So you swirl in the lid like normal and then spray water on your brush, then apply in the sweeping motion still?
  8. cdwdnw

    True Or False?

    False - hubby is going to buy an air compressor so there goes our night... You like your employer LOL
  9. cdwdnw

    True Or False?

    False - but you know the anniversary is coming up so maybe I'll entertain the idea LOL you have acrylic nails....
  10. cdwdnw

    What fragrances have you bought lately?

    I recently bought a scent from Ulta that was the the perfumes and colognes but I'm not sure what it is really considered....it's Lime Freesia by what company I have no idea but it's yummy - nice and fresh.
  11. cdwdnw

    Large Pores & Mineral Makeup...

    All this info is interesting...thanks for all the input. I have pretty sensitive skin as well so I ordered the synthetic Joppa brush as the natural animal hair really hurts my face. I don't know that I actually buff - I pretty much sweep the minerals on my face ever so lightly as one would with powder over a liquid foundation. have recently started applying my mineral makeup wet w/ a foundation brush How do you do this without the minerals clumping? Emailing you Shelly - I'm all for working on these dang pores LOL
  12. cdwdnw

    True Or False?

    True I can just never find the time - I've been reading Atlas Shrugged for 2 years now LOL T or F - your are drinking Starbucks right now
  13. cdwdnw

    True Or False?

    False - even if I over spend on anything I end up telling him LOL You have actually kept/are still keeping a secret someone has told you not to tell anyone....
  14. cdwdnw

    Large Pores & Mineral Makeup...

    Great! What other samples did you get? Foundation? Eyeshadows? Let's see I ordered the eraser, foundation (3), a translucent matte, lip wand and powder eraser...not sure that the last item will even work for me but I want to try them both. I did order any e/s samples b/c there were so many from which to choose. I have a load of e/s I need to use and I've been playing around with a bunch of color combos to decide what palette I want to stay with before I order new. It's so hard to decide!!! I hope it gets here soon so my mom can take hers back before they leave to Moscow...I'm not sure if the sample will be good on her return in April - anyone know the shelf life? If it's a heavy coverage formula they look horrible I wondered about the coverage and also the amount of clay in the Joppa b/c the OM looks to have less clay and does not enhance the look of my pores near like the joppa - either that or I was putting too much on and/or not paying attention to my application. So this go round with the OM samples I have been careful on my application. I did ask dh what he thought yesterday and all he noticed were my eyes (used min e/s) and when I asked about my face he said it looked lighter which I guess is good b/c I always thought the Joppa Light #1 was a tad too dark.
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