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  1. I have a huge brown birthmark going down the length of my right leg. I grew up wearing jumper dresses as a school uniform, so showing my legs was no big deal. However, when I became a teenager, people (especially boys) would ask about it to where it began to bother me SOOOO much. It got to a point where I never showed my legs if I didn't have to (I was a cheerleader, so sometimes I couldn't avoid it). It wasn't until I got older that I realized that I had some banging legs (lol) and wanted to show them off, huge birthmark and all! I still sometimes look at pictures of myself and frown at the discoloration, but I usually pick apart my pictures anyway!
  2. WOW....I must say you all are quite amazing, being able to understand so much from that one posting. The truth of the matter is that she definitely has identity issues. I've known my friend for MANY years, and without going into too many details, she's having a hard time figuring out who she is or at least who she wants to be. After cooling down, I was able to see this as something that I've always known...its just difficult to be as understanding when I'm in the middle of it. I'm not sure how well it would go over if I brought it up to her and talked about it (she's not that open), but I feel I absolutely have to say something if it comes up again (and hopefully not get real worked up about it)...
  3. Originally Posted by yourleoqueen Be careful of heat damage. Have you thought about getting a wig for when you are craving straightness? There are some gorgeous (and affordable) lace fronts out there. I may have to start e-stalking you Alicia, I love your avi! Lol, thanks! And yeah, the heat damage is what has snapped me out of it. I have wanted a wig for quite some time, but have never gone through with it!
  4. Man, I haven't been able to find it at any of the Target stores near me!!!
  5. Originally Posted by jmgjmg623 Too bad perfumes are off limits. I know! This is what I'm really in the market for. But thanks OP! These are still really great for flat irons!
  6. I'm sorry if something similar has been posted, but I'm way too frustrated right now to use the search function.... So, I have a question: Does anyone have a "copycat friend"? You know, one that always has to do/like/buy/look at/THINK ABOUT something just because you do?? Well, I do, and I've reached the end of my rope in dealing with this. And I really don't want you guys to think I'm mean for feeling so strongly about this, but it has gone on too long, I am annoyed, and far from FLATTERED! The friend in reference has always been very different from me; I'm an eccentric, she's a conventional...I'm a modern, she's a traditional...I'm a hot pink, she's a beige...and I was fine with that. But now all of that is starting to change. We go shopping and she looks at everything I pick up and look at, then goes behind me and buys it! These are things she's never been interested in, like 4 inch zebra print heels (sooo not her, so its obvious). But the worse part about it is that she tries to pretend like she didn't see me looking at these things. She'll say, "How do you like these?" I'll say (sarcastically), "You didn't just see me try those on?" Then she'll go, "No, I didn't see you. I like them!" I just don't get it! It's so bad that we'll stop to get something to eat and she won't order first because she says that she'll get the same thing I decide to get (she actually says this)! She says she's not a perfume person seconds before, but as soon as I stop to try some on and say I love how it smells on me, she says she's going to buy it! I buy a flat iron and say it worked well on me, so now all of a sudden her's isn't working well enough and she has to buy the one I have because "it has really good reviews." Who are you kidding! I could go on and on... I'm really sorry for the rant, but I am truly upset right now. And like I said, I don't find this to be flattering in the least, especially because she refuses to acknowledge that I am the reason she's doing these things. So, what is to be done? I know just not shopping with her is an option, but even if I just look at something for longer than a second, she jumps on it. I'm at my wits end guys, please help!!!
  7. I'm having some hair issues! Well, I've been natural for about 8 months now and have had a very good experience so far. After a lot of trial and error, I think I've come up with a pretty good regimen for my curls. So, a few weeks ago I received a coupon for Ulta and decided to go ahead and splurge on the Sedu flat iron that I've wanted for a while, since it would be significantly discounted. I finally got around to using it last week and I LOVE how my straight hair looks and feels! I tell you, my hair never looked like this with a relaxer, probably because I finally learned how to care for my hair. So, my problem now is that I'm becoming attached to the straight look again! After 10 years of having relaxed hair, I kinda got used to the overall look it gave me. And now with my hair straight again, I honestly feel like its more flattering. I'm not considering going back to the relaxer, but I am tempted to flat iron my frequently than I anticipated (like once every month or two). It's a lot more work than my wash-n-go's but I feel I look better. But I also know the damage that the heat can do Hopefully this is just a phase. I really love my curls, but there's just something about my straight hair. Good thing about it is that luckily I can switch back and forth when I get bored!
  8. I spend a little over $100/month and it's only me. I'm really cheap so I study the grocery store sales papers every Sunday and go for the best deals. The down side to that is I find myself constantly going back to the store because I forgot to get something because it wasn't on sale.
  9. Wow! These parody stories literally had me laughing out laugh! Too funny, but so true...
  10. I can't really offer much advice to you, just here for moral support! But I did want to tell you that my boyfriend just discovered the first gray hair in my head last week! I'm in my early 20's, so I was shocked, to say the least. However, the boyfriend got excited and called it "regal," lol. I know what you mean about the different textures, because that one strand hardly curls and sticks out like a sore thumb! Other than that, I think gray hair is gorgeous. I'm in awe when I see a beautiful woman confidently sporting a beautiful head of platinum hair. I know that I can't fully understand, since I only have one strand (as of today ), but I'm sure you'll become comfortable with it later down the line, and I'm sure you'll look as beautiful as ever!
  11. I have one that I tried to use at first, but it was just too extra...so now I just use my fingers. I get better coverage and control, and it just seems to blend better (I mainly use it for under-eye circles too).
  12. I actually went to one for the first time on Thursday at Potomac Mills in North VA and it just didn't seem like they had anything interesting. I bought one MAC lustreglass for $10, but that was it...I'm not a big MAC follower, so maybe I overlooked something cool...I dunno
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