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  1. Raesin Images is the WORST site ever-it's scattered, you have to click multiple links to even get to the product and then click more to get to color charts, etc. It's almost impossible to navigate w/out getting incredibly frustrated.
  2. I just placed an order the other day, so I know she is not closed down. I also had to email her w/a question via the website and it went through b/c I got the auto response. She is a "one-woman" show, so she doesn't always respond to emails as quickly as you'd like, but try again and see what happens.
  3. Can't help you with shades, but Tocopheryl Acetate is Vitamin E. You can get the formulas w/or w/out it. Email Rhonda for shade help, she is very good at it!
  4. Simplicity, I wrote to Signature way back when I was sampling them (early Spring) and asked if they were a Monave re-seller b/c they had the same names for blush, etc and they wrote back and said they were not. I tried the foundation and couldn't get a match, and I also ordered some blush shades. They were nice, but not HG material for me. And the shades I ordered (same name as Monave) were not the same colors. HTH! Ruby
  5. I just received my samples and some lippies the other day and WOW, I am impressed. The samples come in 5 gram sifter jars and those jars are full! Lippies I got are Pout and Darling, both pretty pigmented, glossy but not sticky at all. I will be ordering more of those for sure. I'm wearing the Perfecting Powder for the first time today too and I agree w/those that said this is a great FP! It's very finely milled and gives you a completely airbrushed look. I've had mine on for almost 6 hrs. so far today and haven't had to blot at all. I love the fact that there is Silk in all of these products. I will be back for more!
  6. Wow, so I am not the only one to have had BAD experiences w/this company! Sorry to everyone else that things didn't go well either. MaryGambrell, your experience w/that tile company sounds much worse and alot more $$ than this, I am very sorry that you got screwed by them. Maybe you can contact the Better Business Bureau in that area, just to get the word out. MakeupBabe, that's ridiculous that they accused you of that, I always want to know what the ingredients are before purchasing. They are all MORONS and they get what they deserve, which is NO CUSTOMERS.
  7. It sure seems like they don't know a thing about CS, nor do they care. I will boycott them forever.
  8. Mineral Boutique Cover It provides very heavy coverage and Amy (the owner) offers excellent Customer Service! She's got other formulas too and all w/or w/out Vitamin E. One of my favorite blushes is from MBO-Lou Lou, it's a warm "sugary" peach. Her samples are very generous so I highly suggest you try some!
  9. Just wanted to post about Raesin Images VERY BAD customer service. I started researching this company at the end of August and it took days just to get an initial email response. The owner of the company finally wrote and said she would send me some samples for being "so patient". After about a week I wrote to ask the shipping status of the samples and was told that they didn't have a paid invoice so nothing had been sent. I had to go through the whole story and forward the email to them before they said they'd send the samples out. That took another few days. After writing again I was told that the samples shipped on Sept. 21. In the meantime I placed an order on Sept 29th for a full size jar of their primer powder and some other samples as their back to school sale was due to end on Sept. 30. On Oct. 2 I wrote again and told them that they still hadn't arrived and asked about the shipping time for the order I had just placed. They wrote back and said they had no record of my order (despite getting a PayPal receipt and a Confirmation receipt from THEM). The CS rep stated that she felt "attacked and cut down" and that if/when she located my order she would promptly cancel it and issue a refund so I can "shop where it suits my needs better". I am quite sure that this rep did this w/out the owner's knowledge. If this is how a small business chooses to treat their customers I am taking my business and buying power elsewhere. Just wanted to warn others in case anyone else is considering ordering from this company. DON't EXPECT SQUAT.
  10. EDM's synthetic brushes are not out yet. There is talk of them arriving sometime before the end of the yr.
  11. I am going to politely disagree w/J092502D! I have the Premium Kabuki, angled blush brush, premium powder and flat top brush and they all shed like crazy! I find them quite scratchy, but I do use the blush brush b/c I like the way it applies. I am waiting for the pre-buy brushes I bought from Lumiere and then I will ditch my EDM brushes. I also only use the kabuki to apply finishing powders as I prefer flat tops for foundation. I use the EDM flat top for powdered sunscreen. I agree w/the other poster who suggested buying the Lumiere synthetics-they are far superior and w/the pre-buy prices you can't beat it.
  12. Kim, you're welcome, and it's all true.......wouldn't have said it otherwise! And yeah, I've got your number...............lol!
  13. I just wanted to post and say that I am not one bit surprised at how Kim handled this! I have been buying, using and loving everything I've gotten since last December and she ALWAYS stands by her products. Kim provides outstanding customer service-if you are not happy, SHE is not happy. She will do whatever is necessary to make it right. I will be a lifelong customer of hers!
  14. I bought a few too and thought the descriptions were pretty in-accurate. I didn't like them at all and ended up tossing them out.

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