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    About me... where do i begin :)
    I am 23 have two children, Orlando - 5 and Antonio - 1 :) Which are my everything! <3
    Ive been with my bf going on 7 years now... still waiting for that ring haha

    In my free time, I like to just relax...
    Ive discovered a new passion, and that is working out! I love it!

    I have been collecting MAC for about 5 years now, & its not where I want it to be at the moment, but im still working on it :)
  • My Interests
    Techno music, MAC, Fitness
  • My Occupation
    Ontario Works Case Manager
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    1990 Honda Accord Ex
    My Dream car is a 2008 Nissan 350Z or an Infiniti G35
  • Favorite Music
    Techno, Trance, Eurodance, Happy Hardcore
    Dj Tiesto, Dj Mangoo, George Acosta, Anabolic Frolic, Cynic Project, Interstate, Brisk & Trixxy, Ayla..way too many to list!
  • Favorite Books
    Celeb mags :)
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Mac, Maybelline
  1. So I still have about 1500 more items to add to it that are on my wishlist.... one day ill complete it... One day ... Goldensoft, Cool N Aloof, Valentines, CelloPink, Whos that lady?, Moonstone, Mega Bottom: Glosspitality, Dame in a dress Indianwood paintpot, Hush Baby, Rubenesque paintpot Haunting, Silverstroke Brassy, Delphic Top: Ever Opal, Neon 60's, Kitchmas, Astonish, Melon Bottom: Frost, Shimmerati, Helium, Reflects very pink, Aire De Blu Vanilla, Golden Olive, Teal, Coco Sunny Daze x2, Golder's green, ______, White gold, Pinked Mauve, Violet, Azreal Blue, Rose Lovely Lily, Reflects Blue, Deckchair Silver fog Shimma, Mauvism, Canton Candy, Magrittes, Bamboom Pretty Please, Lollipop loving, Bunny Pink, Her Fancy Aquavert, Waternymph, Turquatic B-rich, Star Violet,Cranberry Slip pink, Prismique, Creme De Violet, Stars & Rockets, Da Bling, Honeylust, Spring up, Mineralism, Filament Zonk Bleu!, Amber lights, Naked lunch Beautiful iris, Zeal, Silver ring Iris Print, Lotusland, Agate Rondelle, All that glitters, Patina Satin Taupe, Contrast, Hush Chill, Swimming, Swish Budding Beauty, Parfait Amour, Romantique Nehru, Crystal, Sunday Best Tilt, Li'Lily, Trax, Antiqued, Naked Lunch, Black tied Expensive Pink, Dazzlelight, Tempting Pink Venus, Aquadisiac, Red Violet Plum dressing, Gleam, Surreal Light Ray, Purple Haze, Pink Freeze Knight Divine, Claire de Lune, Innuendo Light Flush, Lightscapade, New Vegas 6th sin, Kool, Danger Zone, Earthly Riches, TecTonic, Ever Opal, Aristocrat, Flighty, Whim middle: Lune Sharkskin, Shimmermint, Gracious m e, Royal Hue, Overcast, Gentil Lentil, Blurburry, Shimmersand, Beige-ing, Silver Bleu, Taupographic Ritzy, Visionaire, Divine Lime, Sweet & shy, Brassbeat, SpunSilver, Etiquette Goldenaire Whistle, Springtime Skipper, Magnificant, Collection 06, Playmate Pink GlitterCreme Daisy Daze & Miss Bunny Tinted Lip Conditioners Top (left to right) Crystal beach, Pinkocrasy, Dusk, Nymphette, Glamoursun, Lip 65, Pinkarat, Of corset, Bountiful, Lightning, Petit Four, Fulfilled, Spring Bean, Zazoom, Cavalier, Moonbathe, Fashion Pack, Bodymind, Lustrewhite Bottom Bait, Power Supply, White hot, Chromaliving, Heartfelt pink, Headliner, En Pointe, Pretty Plush, Oyster Girl, C-Thru, 2N, Dreamstate, Pink Meringue, Phosphorelle, Viva glam VI, Elaborate, Be-in, La La Libertine, Night affair Top: Angel Cream, Out for fun, Elle, All Woman, White Magic, Opal, Suave Mauve, Pastel Polish, First Bloom, Naked Space, Peroxide, Pas de deux, Luminary, rayothon, Enchantress, Blue memory, Metalphysical, Petal Pusher, Money honey, Tongue in Chic Bottom: Rose Champagne, Backlit, Cult fave, Love knot, ----, Pink Clash, Vital Spark, Posh it up, Lull, Honorable, Flowerosophy, Courting Rose, Touchpoint, Pink Iridesce Silverdusk, Early Bloomer, Just Dessert, Old gold pigment, Dazzleray pigment, Forest Green pigment, Chiaroscuro, Delicate Crush lipgloss, Magic Dust eyeshadow, Dollymix blush Delineate, Splendid, Show Coral, Crystal Rose, Soft Pout, ScreenQueen, Gentle Simmer, Gilty Kiss, Ruling Class, Iridescently Corn, Crimsonaire, Pink Pearl, Gold Dusk, Gold Mode, Electric Coral, Rich Purple, Jardin Aires, Cocomotion, Deep Deposit, Interview purple X, Mercurial, Blossom up/Rose hip duo Gladabout, Peppier, Sable Signed Sealed, Nocturnelle, Steamy Sushi Flower, Brill, Blue Flame
  2. Hi! My username is dioraddict_xo This is what I am looking for: Hi all, I am looking for these top 5 MAC items, if you have them please message me. It would be greatly appreciated 1. Cool Pink Pigment - looking for samples (1/2 tsp) or full jar is fine 2. All Girl Pigment - Looking for samples (1/4 tsp or more) or full jar is fine 3. Celebrity Pink Blush (At least 50% remaining please) 4. Existential Paint (At least 50% remaining) 5. Silly Girl lipgloss (Lightly tested please)
  3. Originally Posted by Pansori 165?! You look much smaller than 165, how tall are you? That is very amazing, btw, good job on the weight loss. Im 5'5 I still have some stomache on me so thats where the last of the 30 lbs I want to lose will be coming from (well at least some of it anyways lol) , I lost all the weight from my face, arms and bum first... Originally Posted by Southmyrtle89 Dioraddict you look amazing! I am so bad at exercising, but I really need to get in shape. How do you keep motivating yourself? Also how tall are you? Because at 165 you look incredible! In regards to motivation, I set tiny goals for myself such as telling myself that I will lose 5lbs a month, just so I dont feel overwhelmed with it all... I write out everything in a book such as what I ate for the day and a mini journal... Sometimes ill reflect on my previous entries and read how far I have come and that will keep me motivated to reach my goal
  4. Added a few more pics of my b4 and after So I was able to reach my goal at the end of June of being 170...im now at 165, and my goal for the end of August is to be at 155...wish me luck
  5. Originally Posted by Roxie Wow, I can deffinitely see the difference and you look great, amazing! What do your days look like exactly? I have 11kgs to lose which I think is something like 24 lbs. I started going to the gym a couple months ago but because we live half an hour away the hardest thing to do is get money to drive in. I've just started doing weights at home. How many days a week do you do cardio or weight lifting? Hey Roxie, My typical day looks like this Breakfast: 1 pkg weight control cinnamon oatmeal Snack: cut of veggies (carrots, green peppers) Lunch: Whole wheat tortilla pizza with hot peppers Tomato soup Snack: piece of fruit Dinner: Chicken breast w/ steamed veggies Salad w/ low calorie dressing Workout for 1 hour a day, 30 mins on the treadmill & 30 mins of Billy Blanks Boot Camp Drink lots of water throughout the day. & I work out for 6 days a week Thanks everyone for your kind responses My goal by the end of june is to be at 170 so lets hope I can get to that goal
  6. Originally Posted by Bec688 You can definately notice a different and you're looking fabulous! Kudos to you, that is an awesome achievement! Keep up the good work I have about 6 kgs I need to lose..so that's what, 13lbs? I'm finding because I have lost weight already and that's the last few kilos I need to lose, it's not coming off as quick...so frustrating! If you need to lose those last 10-20lbs I highly recommend getting Jillian Michaels book "Making the cut" If you follow her 30 day meal plan and her DVD "The 30 day shred" youll lose it in no time... Thanks for the compliment Originally Posted by esha Wow that's quite the difference dioraddict! You look great. Congrats on the weight loss to both of you! I finally got a gym membership with my mom so we've both been motivating each other. Soon I'll be starting a 12 session package with a personal trainer and it guarantees you of 9-12lbs of weight loss, so I'm pretty excited. Thanks! Oooo That awesome! I wish I had a personal trainer, just cant afford one at the moment! Enjoy! & best of luck!
  7. Originally Posted by Anna great job! I've lost about 25lbs so far this year mny self. what have you been doing to keep yourself motivated? I've found ive gotten bored working out. Any suggestions? Congrats on the 25 lbs. To avoid boredom in workouts, I usually switch it up. So for example Monday's is Cardio days on the treadmill, tuesdays is boot camp weight resistance and switch it up every other day changing the weights from 1 lbs to 2.5 lbs to 5 lbs.... As for motivation, I photoshopped a picture of myself with the ideal body weight I would like to have and have it hanging up in my closet so every morning I see it... and i have a journal where I set goals (ie. lose 5 lbs in a month) and i end up losing double.... Best of luck on your weight loss journey
  8. So I havent reached my goal weight yet of 130lbs, so im not that comfortable yet posting body shots. Two months ago, I started off at 204lbs (pic on the left) Ive been working out, but havent really been noticing a difference in my appearance. All i noticed was that my clothes were fitting a bit looser. So I was browsing through my computer and I found a picture of me back in Jan 2009 and took a picture yesterday (on the right to compare and now I can see that what im doing is paying off! Im at 177lbs now, & still have about 47 lbs to lose... I know the angles are bad, but I just wanted to show a face comparison of my progress so far... Sorry if the pictures arent the best... Ill post body shots when ive reached my goal weight!
  9. Do you like to eat junk food? what do you like? Not very often since starting my weight loss plan about a month ago! When I was eating junk food, my favorite things would be those 5 cent candies like the big foot, sour keys, wine gums. Now a treat for me is considered those 100 calorie oreo cookies How often do you eat junk food? Havent eating junk food in almost a month How does it make you feel? Physically and mentally I LOVE candy and when I eat it, makes me feel great mentally, not so great physically Is there something better you might suggest? If your really wanting junk food, it would be best to chew on Extra sugar free gum to take away the cravings
  10. Since he's been caught, he doesnt do it anymore BUT, this guy I work with used to take bites out of sandwiches and put them back
  11. These sinks are AWESOME!! I love the third picture... Cant wait til i get my own place!!
  12. Wow for this first time, I am going to have a very difficult time chosing! Everyone did an amazing job~~
  13. When i first saw him i thought he was good looking but i paid no attention on getting with him since I was with his friend.... then one day we just talked on the phone and clicked and we've been together ever since *going on 7 years*
  14. I did it once and i thought it wasnt true... thought i would try it out anyways About two weeks later i get a cheque in the mail for $52.00... brought it to the bank to make sure it was legit and sure enough it was and i cashed it.... ill get emails once in a while to fill out more but having a new little one, I dont have time to site around and do 1 hour survey's When i get another e-mail from them, I will post the site name for you
  15. Its within the government working for the ministry of community and social services in simpler terms A Case manager for social assistance recipients

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