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    Hiya! I'm Rebecca :)

    I'm a 22 year old Beauty Therapist from Sydney, Australia.

    Like most of the others on the board, I am a total beauty junkie. I love all things beauty related, take one peek into my traincase(s!) and you'll see I have a serious addiction lol Not one I plan on curing anytime soon... ;)

    I'm a mod on the boards, if I can help you in anyway, drop me a line :)
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    Beauty Therapist
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    Jane Iredale
    Estee Lauder
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    I have 2 different coloured eyes.
  1. I guess the equivalent to proms in Australia are formals. You have 2 big ones, one at the end of the 10th grade and the other at the ends of the 12th grade. I guess the 12th grade formal is more of a bigger deal as it's your last year of school, but I personally thought my year 10 formal was better!
  2. There is nothing wrong with the choices your friend has made. Her priorities changed when her life did. If she is happy and that lifestyle works for her, more the power to her.
  3. To be happy Also to make more time for myself. I was stretching myself thin last year, so I've decided it's time I find the time to start doing things for ME.
  4. I wonder who was the amazing friend that has bought you a few of those bottles hehe I LOVE Affair in Red Square. It's such a sexy red!
  5. Gahhhh I posted up my SS gifts via my mobile the other day, well atleast I thought I had, obviously didn't post properly :/ I will do it again! My SS was the lovely Rosie (pinksugar) and she got me an amazing bunch of goodies! I got... * Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler (this thing is the holy grail of lash curlers, I have used many, but this one....omg!) * Lancome Le Crayon Khol in black (AMAZING eyeliner!) * MAC lipglass in C-Thru (perfect nude gloss... love love love it!) * Lancome Magnifique perfume sample (smells divine!) * Max Brenner chocolates - honey filled cubes with praline cream and walnut bits (I demolished these in MINUTES! haha ) Thank you muchly my dear - love all of them to bits!!!
  6. Tony you are too cute! lol Her nails look great
  7. I think it's fantastic. Unfortunately for me my hair is too light for the procedure Laser is most effective on darker hair. It does not pick up blonde/white/grey hairs well. If it did, I would get laser done in a heart beat! Where did you get it done Rosers?
  8. Great gifts girls! Looks like a lot of you were spoilt rotten!
  9. Rich yes, famous, no. I enjoy my privacy too much. Living in a small town is kinda like being famous, everyone knows your business...so to take that to an international level.... no thanks! lol
  10. Hey lollipop - welcome back to MUT! Little_Lisa hasn't been active on MUT for quite some time...not too sure what happened to her. I have a vague recollection of her hubby becoming ill? I am not too sure. Members come and go.... there are still some old timers floating around the boards back from the little lisa days....keep your eyes peeled, you'll see some familiar names In regards to seeing who is online, you can still see who is online, that info is just located in a different area. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page you are on you can see it, it should say something along the lines of e.g "There are currently 200 active members (10 Members and 90 Guests)." HTH
  11. Probably 8-10 hours or so. My friends boyfriend is a tattoo artist and he spends hours on tattoos half the size!
  12. That is very detailed.... though just imagine that tattoo after she has had a couple of kids hehe I'm so cruel!
  13. You're on a real roll Leti! Enjoy your new goodies
  14. lol I think we have all been there! I have become very good at justifying my NEEDS over WANTS and generally stick to that. Every now and then I'll splurge, but I the older I get, the more sensible I become with my money. I have a goal at the moment (saving for a house deposit) so I am staying focused on that and only stocking up on make up etc when necessary.

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