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  1. I drink green tea all the time! It really decreased my appetite. AND it keeps me from snacking while sitting at my desk. I drink it plain - no sugar. I didn't start drinking it to lose weight, but I've read that it is good for weight loss.
  2. Maybe it just looks bad b/c the picture is bad. With lots of makeup, the right clothes and a good smile I'm sure it will look good.
  3. Once I went into the men's dressing room. I was in 9th grade and trying on bras! Tons of bras! I walked out and a guy walked out right behind me - he looked at me, looked at my armful of bras, then looked at the sign -- WHICH read MENS! I was mortified!
  4. Head & Shoulder's doesn't work for me. I've tried Neutrogena's T-Gel and that was ok. I found the most effective one was Nizoral AD. It doesn't smell great, but you can follow it with your usually shampoo conditioner. The trick is to massage it into your scalp very well, and let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes! The 5-15 minutes is crucial. The amount of time you let it sit, depends on how bad your dandruff is. I was having trouble eliminating my dandruff and my derm told me to leave it on for 15 minutes - I did it twice in two weeks and I haven't had a problem since. I'll use the shampoo about once a month now, just to make sure it doesn't come back. Prior to the 15 minute sessions I was using the shampoo 4-5 times a week!
  5. Hello Ladies, I know lots of you have pictures of your pets all dolled up - well here is a chance to show them off and win some prizes. My friend is sending a picture of her yorki wearing a crown! I can't wait to see it! If you are entering post your pics here too, so we can all enjoy them! Pet Photo Contest - Enter Your Dog or Cat in Our Photo Competition Our Next Contest Is your pet spoiled rotten? Send us a pic of your pet in his or her most regal pose! We’d love to see it! Enter for a chance to win $50 worth of PetAlive natural remedies for your pets.
  6. When are scientist going to develop a system that really works for unwanted hair?! LOL
  7. I've tried several different types of hair removal creams - none have been effective. I think the Veet worked the best for me, but my mother is a fan of Nair. I think you have to just try different things and see what works for you. Be sure to test a small section before you do your whole legs. I've been stuck with red painful patches on my face and legs before! And a quarter size test isn't going to work. I don't know why - but the quarter size test patch always works perfectly on me, but when I slather the stuff on everywhere, it starts to burn. I suggest, start with a quarter size test, then move on to a patch the size of a dollar bill. You may also want to try doing your body in shifts - like do the bottom half of you legs one day, the top half another, then bikini zone, ect. - Not everyone may need this kind of care, but if you have sensitive skin like me, these extreme measures are necessary. I also found that the hair in different areas of my body needed more or less time depending on the skin/hair type. Like the hair on my upper thighs took more time to be removed than the hair on my lower legs.
  8. Since I am doing laser hair removal I can't wax or tweeze, my only option in between treatments is to shave. At first I hated it! I felt soo manish, but now that I've gotten over that I find shaving is so easy and so much more effective than any thing else I tried. Who wrote the rules that girls shave their legs and men shave their face anyways!? LOL
  9. I've never heard of anything like that either.
  10. Don't waste your money on Laser! I know that must sound crazy from me (the biggest advocate of laser hair removal), but it doesn't work for light colored hair. I had great results on my bikini area and underarms, but even my dark facial hair isn't going away. Try electrolysis for light colored facial hair. You can see pictures of my upper lip hair and the very little effect laser has had on it in my laser hair removal journal - follow the link in my sig.
  11. I am having laser hair removal on my bikini area, underarms and upper lip. I've been going to treatment for almost two years. YES TWO YEARS. I know it seems like forever, but it is totally worth it. Well, it is worth it for the underarm and bikini area. Those area's were sooo hairy that when I had them waxed the ladies would comment on how hairy I was. One lady actually had the nerve to tell me I was the hairiest women she had ever seen! My upper lip hasn't had such great results. I think if you have facial hair you would be better off doing electrolysis. Check out my signature link for pictures and more details.
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