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  1. I took for granted how great swimming is as exercise. We recently moved to a subdivision with a pool. I've been taking the kids every day and I've lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Of course, I also stay on a non-processed carbohydrate and sugarfree diet. 154 to 144. I hope to be 134 by Fall!
  2. I had been wanting to try a stain ever since Red Eye came out with Rachel A. Her lips looked so naturally purple, it was kinda strange and beautiful at the same time! -- If that makes any sense. So, I've been experimenting and my favorites so far are MAC's See Thru cheek stain gels. MAC's See Thru Lip Stains... Vincente Longo Lip Stain. I love stains because they come off so natural, you never look dry or cakey. It's just lovely!
  3. What horrible things to say about a twelve year old! I think all of you that have negative opinions about a child's appearance should be ashamed of yourselves. I have two children, and I feel awful when I hear people saying mean things about a child's looks. I think she's still just as lovely as she was when she was younger... My only comment about her pictures is that the poor thing doesn't look like she's slept in a while. She just looks so sleep deprived.
  4. I could have sworn I've heard her talk lower more often than that.
  5. I'm actually looking for a second job. Any suggestions?
  6. I don't know how much they make, actually. Though ever since I became a waitress I refuse to tip less than five dollars. I mean. If everyone tipped me five dollars the nights I waited tables I'd definitely be coming home with more than 11 dollars in my pocket like I am now.
  7. Oh, geez. That's really how I can most appropriately begin describing this new job. 'Oh. Geez'. I expected hard work, I like hard work. I'm fine with that part. I expected rude customers. That's all right too, I've worked in food business before. The two major complaints I have with waitressing in a small town is that I'm working 40 hours a week and I'm bringing home 100 dollars... And the second being I work with too many younger women that think they're the high queen waitress. One tells me I look awful any time my hair starts to frizz. One refuses to even acknowledge me when I speak to her. Another is only nice to me when her 'frizz complaint' friend isn't around... Geez. I feel so abused by the end of the day and I'm hardly able to pay for gas money to even get to the job. The managers are nice. I love the managers. There's one in particular that dotes on me whenever we cross paths, he's so sweet. Ugh. But I mean... I've worked a job before where it was ALL men my age, the only problem there was that I kept getting propositioned every time I went to a quiet area of the restaurant. I think I prefer that to, 'D*** girl! You look like crap!" Yeah. I needed to rant. Sigh. In a couple hours I have to go back to the grind stone.
  8. Tinted moisturizer, perhaps. I haven't tried it yet. I have bare minerals, but with my skin so dry it's difficult to wear powder, even BM.
  9. Ooops. Sorry. I hit accidently hit the send button again.
  10. I'm a new waitress at Cracker Barrel... And a new waitress in general. I've found working at a running pace with hot food for 8 hours a day doesn't sit well for a lot of cosmetics. Even my fluidline in the rims of my eyes end up a little on my under eye area in a couple of hours. I really can't wear any foundation or concealer, and with my super dry/mildly acne prone skin I can't wear powder either. The only things so far that I've noticed stay in place are my primer, gel see thru cheek stain, MAC paints, waterproof liquid liner, and waterproof mascara. Does anyone have any recs? Any moisturizer that helps even out the skin tone? Anything at all. <3
  11. The name says it all! What's everyone's favorite shades of MAC lipstick, and why?
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