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    Im 15, I know its young but Im wiser then I look!
    My best bud is definatley my cat
    I love to sing
  • My Interests
    and animals of all kinds
  • My Occupation
    Student, want to be a vet
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Right now, Im really loving The Body Shop, so anything from there.
  • Country
  • My Favorite Movies
    Dangerous Minds
    Moulin Rouge
  • Favorite Music
    I really do likeeverything but I love Jazz the most
    Herbie Hancock
    Harry Connick Jr.
    Tony Bennet :)
    Frankie :)
    Nina Simone
  • Favorite Books
    The Neverending Story is a Classic:)
    The Little Prince
    The Alchemist
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    anything that doesnt test on animals
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    Animals complete me.
  1. I love that I am so weird but I make people laugh I love how I am tall. I like my hair! I love being a good listener I love how people tell me I am wise for my age! It's such a compliment to me. I love that I can love so many things about myself. good idea!
  2. I dont think your outfit was bad at all! I would wear it if I could pull it off... Honestly, after a while you just learn to let the rude comments go... I think anyone who has the nerve to make a decision on someone on the way they are dressed or the way they look, doesn't need to be taken seriously. Everybody judges people, I know I have, but I also know that I was insecure with MYself when I judged people. If you are happy with yourself, and you know you didn't look like a whore, then you didn't look like a whore!
  3. Britney Spears!!!! Ha Ha just kidding... Jessica Alba! I love almost everything she wears! shes so cute.
  4. Sunday is my skin night. I steam my face, I put on the aspirin mask mixed with my other favorite mask, I use toner and scrub and everything on sunday On a regular morning, I wake up wash my face, use toner and do my makeup
  5. A good pair of darker skinny jeans, a pair of easy-to-match with flats leggings, in different colors
  6. I honestly just dont understand why we still have fur on major fashion runways. YEAR AFTER YEAR. please somebody, tell me the appeal of killing an animals for a JACKET or a WRAP. what is it that makes is SO exciting? where is the beauty in the outside layer of a slaughtered animal. Seriously, fashion is supposed to be sophisticated and elegant, but in a industry that has to kill to look good, i just dont see it. and i hate it. and i REALLY am asking those of you who wear fur to just explain it to me. thanks.
  7. does it even matter if it looks good? its so stupid how her dogs are her accessories man. she doesnt even seem to care about her dogs. dogs arent meant to be carried around like a purse. at all. what a joke.
  8. WOOOH respect man! being a veggie makes me feel healthy and i know that im not buying from an industry that tortures
  9. I am so facsinated with piercings and tats. and why people get them. I already have some piercings on my ear cartilage, but if I could get another one... it would be my eyebrow. But most places dont even hire you if you have face piercings and I want to be a vet! ha! and my mom would NEVER let me. But I really would love one... and for a tattoo... I would probably get one on my ribs or down my spine or just of my left wrist. Maybe a verse? or something. tell me about your tattoos or piercings you already have, or ones you would like to get!
  10. Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Foaming Face Wash It really takes it ALL off and has a refreshing peppermint smell to it. and the best thing is, I know its not tested on animals! My skin really has improved while using this face wash.
  11. My hair has been through MANY different lengths what about yours? (excuse the posing and thinking-im-hot looks, I thought I was cool ) so it starts when i was like, 13.... (TO MY BUTT!!) then I cut it all off.... (by myself!) it kind of grew.... longer..... i cut it short AGAIN by myself AND NOW.... here I am today WHEW that was really long what is your favorite style?

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