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    well i have brown eyes brown hair about 150 pounds and 5'9. I play football and do magic tricks and martial arts. I have a beautiful sexy girlfriend who i love very much. i guess thats about it anything else you wanna know about me just ask.
  • My Interests
    SEX.....thats more of a hobbie tho lol. i love playing football(colts are the best). I love entertaining peope wth magic and gymnastics.I also like to jog to keep in good shape...And of course my girlfriend
  • My Occupation
    full time slacker
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    Any primer that gets rid of scars an big pores.
  • Country
  • Car I Drive
    my shoes...healthier (try it)
  • My Favorite Movies
    to many to think of but....Sleepers with kevin Bacon
  • Favorite Music
    I like older stuff like Bon Jovi and Eric Clapton......
    Change the world and blue eyes blue.
  • Favorite Books
    When i read a book i will let you know
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Cover FX
    Lise Watier
    Pure Luxe
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I love mygirlfriend......ALOT:D
  1. Only two men for me I have my girl already....
  2. Well i deffinitely think its fifty fifty for guys and girls.... I know I get extremely jealous and I try to work on it but thatgs just who I am and same with my gf.... However she doesnt have any other guy friends and I dont have girl....friends so we dont have anything to worry about.... We go out with friends all the time but were alwways together.... But yes I dont really have much advice because Im a jealous person myself. Just wanted to share that with you lol
  3. Go to Golds gym and watch all the buff guys work out.
  4. Im a guy to...what a small world...and im taken to what an even smaller world.... good luck with your website
  5. Mines a toughy... Its Tyler... pronounced *SP* :| T Y L E R And I dont like my name It sounds kidish to me. I want a name like Axel.. Thats a cool name
  6. I have never had a bad vacation. I mean c'mon its me.. YOu go on vacation with me its always a gurantee good time... Although my gf might get sick of my annoyingness from time to time but meh its a thing we share
  7. Someone told me I had good taste Thats just a sad way of saying I want to compliment you but its very tough cuz u have nothing to compliment So I said oh ya well you have nice shoes HAH I won that battle
  8. I would want to meet myself because it would be trippy to see me outside my body.. And if I couldnt do that then Rachelle or Jess or Mindy
  9. Originally Posted by Tony(admin) how about this one lol http://800lbgorilla.files.wordpress....vie-poster.jpg lmao that would be a good squal. Originally Posted by ticki i like tony dungy! not in the way that tyler likes him, though. he's an amazing coach. gruden won the only super bowl he's ever gonna get on the house that dungy built. having been head coach for the team he was playing against, just the year prior, helped a lot too. go dungy! go tyler and your man dreams! haha yay thank you You rock.
  10. Lmao ya he does, but dont tell me you dont think Gollum's attractive
  11. Tony Romo has nothing on Tony Dungy. Just wait till these guys get to Tony's age.... they wil be repulsive.. I seriously wonder how Dungy stays in such good shape?? Lets discuss this.
  12. Hah I am perfectly ok Bla I is sad that nobody other then me finds the tonymister good looking.... Oh well Abby likes the colts Thats good .... Well i'll give up for now on Tony Dungy.... But when Freddy Krueger wants to have his way with some of you, you will be bagging Tony to come back
  13. I can send you the chucky doll in the mail if you like ..... You should see how mad he gets in the tampa bay training camp... Seriously reminds me of Chucky. Here is another pic of Tony. Maybe it was just the angle that did it.
  14. Well its obvious whats going on here. You all just cant let it out cuz you think you will be made fun of... Your just waiting for the first one to crack and then you all will crack.... GO DUNGY Your the man...
  15. Originally Posted by neysielyn ive been in love with peyton actually wanted to name my last son after him but by boyfriend is an egales fan and wouldnt let me the next one will be eli its a second best They have Mcnabb so I dont completely hate your bf lol. Originally Posted by CellyCell Lmao. Printing... perhaps... would make excellent toilet paper. MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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