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    My name's Shaundra. I'm 28 years old and am currently living in Florida. I decided to join MuT because I love experimenting with/learning more about makeup. :)
  • My Interests
    I like shopping, listening to music, and watching tv. I enjoy photography and graphic design. Also, I am studying to become a high school math teacher. And, of course, I enjoy makeup.
  • My Occupation
    graphic designer / student
  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    NYX Cosmetics: Jumbo Eye Pencils and Glitter, MAC: I <3 Marisol!
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  • Favorite Music
    Blindside, Brand New, Brandtson, Bright Eyes, Chevelle, Copeland, Dashboard Confessional, Eisley, Fall Out Boy, Frou Frou/Imogen Heap, Further Seems Forever, Jack's Mannequin, Pedro the Lion, Underoath...and more.
  • Favorite Books
    I'm mostly just reading textbooks right now.
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    Chanel, Christian Dior, MAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Studio Gear, Prestige Cosmetics, Jane, Revlon, Milani.
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    I'm naturally blonde. Not sure if that counts as interesting, though. haha. :)
  1. Hi! I might be able to this weekend, I've been really busy. Someone else already posted some pretty good comparison pics here if you're interested.
  2. I just wanted to mention that, for those not willing to pay for the Sephora by OPI glitters, Milani has similar glitters available for cheap. I saw them at Wal-Mart the other day. They also have red, but I couldn't find a pic of it: The glitter in the Milani is slightly larger, though. I have both Sephora by OPI's "Sparktacular" (the multicolored one) and Milani's version, and I actually like Milani's version better, because it's more colorful. The Sephora by OPI version has a bit too much silver in it, imo. Just another option for fellow glitter lovers!
  3. I would recommend buying pants that fit you well other than the length of the inseam and then getting them hemmed. I'm 5'0", and even short/petite pants are too long for me, so I hem them. That way, you get pants that are just right for you! It may cost a little more if you get it done professionally, but it's worth it!
  4. No crotch is definitely better (imo), but crotch can be ok so long as the leggings are thick and dark (so they don't really show things you don't want to advertise to the rest of the world). lol.
  5. All of you ladies look fantastic today!
  6. I kind of want to be outraged about them peddling push-up tops to children, but it's just so beyond ridiculous that it's hard not to laugh at the same time.
  7. Thanks, it looks great! I'm the same way!
  8. No! lol. The thought of pulling my eye just makes me cringe. I tilt my head back and look into the mirror while using small strokes. That's just what I've found works for me.
  9. Great looks today! I love them all! Barbie, what mascara did you use?
  10. The only foundations that I've had that didn't transfer at all have been longwear liquid foundations like Revlon Colorstay and Estee Lauder Double Wear. Sorry, I'm no help!
  11. Interesting! I might try this just for the challenge, since I'm not hip hop at all.

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