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  1. I actually like this box! Call me crazy, but I love those shampoo and conditioner samples. They're one less thing I have to buy when traveling, and I've found some really great things through them. Bond No. 9 is an extremely high end perfume brand that is only sold at high end stores like Nordstrom and the like. Their stuff is fantastic. They don't smell like every other perfume.
  2. I totally cancelled this after the Moisturizer Extavaganza box during the summer, but I've dropped Glossybox and kept this. I'm way more impressed with Sample Society for the money than I am with Glossybox
  3. I cancelled after August's box. It was so awful. This isn't really encouraging me to re-sub, especially since Sample Society has really turned it up a notch and is also cheaper.
  4. Annnnnd my box is still stuck in "Processing." This is the 2nd time in 3 months that I have not received a Popsugar box that I paid for. Seriously, I have the worst luck EVER.
  5. I got my box on Saturday and was kinda bummed about it. It's probably the worst box I've ever gotten from Glossybox. Red nail polish? Black eyeliner? Shampoo and conditioner? I've gotten umpteen milion of these in other sub boxes. The only thing that I was excited about was the face cream since I need some, but other than that? Big ball of meh. It seemed like a lot of leftovers from other boxes that were sent to Glossybox. I may just subscribe on a month to month basis, depending on if I like the box or not
  6. Kit D! That seems to be my default kit. We'll see what I get
  7. Here's the full sized bag. I HOPE I did this spoiler thing right.
  8. Oh wow. I wonder how many people quit on them last month after the Moisturizer Extravaganza? It must have been a TON. I might want to retry this. It sounds like they were really listening to our concerns.
  9. It's interesting that Sample Society doesn't actively reach out to brand partners and cultivate a relationship with them like Ipsy and Glossybox seem to. Those two boxes especially seem to have a "theme" each month and as much as people knock Ipsy for being low end, I tend to love almost everything they send, and I actually love the bags they send too. I'm a photographer and I use them for organizing all of the tiny little things I have like adapter plugs, batteries, etc... That said, I'll probably resub to SS for another month, but if it's going to turn into a Moisturizer and Perfume Sample box, I'm out. I have enough moisturizers to last several years, and I can get a sample of any perfume I want at Nordstrom or Sephora for free. I want a reason to justify the over $16 I'm paying per month for this, after taxes
  10. Well all I have is the description that was given here, but I know for a fact that I've gotten that one twice as an exact dupe, and they credited my account $5 for that
  11. Ugh, I'm so glad I quit this month. That's the THIRD time in 9 months that they've sent that exact same moisturizer. Third time. There's no excuse for that. That's also the second time in just a few months that that particular perfume sample has been sent.
  12. Yeah I'm debating cancelling SS. There's a disturbing lack of makeup, and I feel I get a better value per dollar with Ipsy and Glossybox, and even Popsugar sometimes. I got a full sized Too Faced eye palette a couple of Popsugar boxes ago.
  13. The Bombshell box (my default) was PERFECT this month, but I have literally ZERO self control with Julep and got the Polish Lovers Upgrade.
  14. Thanks! It just drew me in! I had been giving my nails a break for a couple of weeks, but I just HAD to use it! I love it!

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