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  1. jenfer

    MMU for sale

    MMU for sale
  2. Sure, if I like them I'd buy a full size or their other products.
  3. I have my Powder brush and Powder Buffer from Joppa and they are awesome. Very soft, I think you will like it.
  4. I love Aromaleigh and I also enjoy Cory, Silk Naturals and a few others. They all offer something unique. Love them all.
  5. I agree that MAD's is very fast! Enjoy your goodies.
  6. I don't really use bronzer, but I know a lot of people like Sizzle from Meow. And they have just released some new bronzer too!
  7. I received my Ethereal foundation sample the other day and looks like Soft Yellow and Soft Gold are great matches for me. I am going to do a full face tomorrow.
  8. Personally I think synthetic hair brushes are the softest. It's probably the hair from the brush that's irritating your skin.
  9. Hello! English is not my 2nd language as well. I think forum and blogs are a good way to improve English and also share your love. I have a blog which I talk about my mmu addict, link at my siggy..
  10. I got tagged. +I can't really smell. +I like to wrapped the cover of my book: to protect it and also people can't see what I am reading +I have way too many blogs +I like to steamed fish eyeball when I was a kid, it actually didn't taste like anything +I can't swim +I am a joy-seeking being And I am not going to tag anyone
  11. A lot of companies have "yellow" shades. My fav: Aromaleigh, Meow, Joppa, Cory etc... whether you need mixing or not is just pure luck. Oh and my new find: The Mineral Boutique.
  12. I got all these goodies for the past couple months: Cory foundation (found my match) & bunches of pigments samples. Silk Naturals blushes and lip glosses, Dream World blushes, Lumiere's new LE pigments and also The She Space's custom pigments... Oh and more Aromaleigh for sure. I have attached some pictures of some (if not all) of my new goodies. For non-mu haul, I got a bunch of awesome books, some electronics for home and a sheet of personalized stamps of my puppy.
  13. I spritz my swirly bowl with 2 pumps of hydrosol, then sprinkle foundation in the bowl and then pick them up with sponge. Works awesome for me.
  14. I had mine for 5+ years (my 3 original pairs, which I *think* are made in England) and I love mine to death.
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