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  • My Beauty Product Wish List
    DuWop Lip venom in gold shimmer
    CLEAN - perfume
    More Mac products
    NARS - blush and blush brush
    on the hunt that will heal my acne scars up, any suggestions ???
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Car I Drive
    shall start havin drivin lessons soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My Favorite Movies
    Wizard of Oz, Lord of the ring 3. John Q, any bollywood films
  • Favorite Music
    I LOVE JAMIE CULLUM!! Michael Jackson, Nickelback, Beyonce, Girls Aloud, chillout music.....
  • Favorite Books
    Lord of the Flies, Harry Potter of course!! His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    MAC, Bourjois, Benefit, L'oreal
  1. Anika_1

    What do you use and why- girls only

    "Always" pads, I like those cos they are thin and they are really good at absorbing. I hate the chunky pads though. Never tried tampons.
  2. Anika_1

    What keeps your skin clear?

    Scrubbing face with a facebrush twice a day with neutrogena deep clean gel oil blotting sheets once a week shiseido purifying mask adapalene and duac prescription creams
  3. Anika_1

    3-Word Chain Story

    hot and frisky
  4. Anika_1

    Lie To Me

    I discovered Paula on Mercury during my voyage in space.
  5. Anika_1

    Word Game

  6. Anika_1

    Word Association Game!

  7. Anika_1

    What size is your...

    urm, 6 foot ish what size is the table you will be having christmas dinner?
  8. Anika_1

    Have you ever been to? - GAME

    nope have u ever been to the police station?
  9. Anika_1

    The Or Game

    Fruit20 bra or knickers?
  10. Anika_1

    Best Lip Products

    1. Lipstick: 0 2. Lip Stain: benetint 3. Lipgloss: bourjois/mac lipglass 4. Lip Balm: carmex
  11. Anika_1

    Favorite Pair of Jeans?

    miss sixty tommy hilfiger gap
  12. Anika_1

    Arabic Fashion :)

    wow, I WANT THOSE DRESSES, really glamorous, shocked i havnt heard of that designer in the UK!
  13. not too sure about the frilly hemline, does not look sophisticated enough, but I like the top half bit. if you accessorize well, i think it would look good. depends how this dress looks on YOU though.
  14. Anika_1

    Who is your fashion idol?

    i admire gwen stefani's bold fashion taste, but i would never wear what she wears!
  15. Anika_1

    Recs for jeans

    I am unfortunately bottom heavy, so i have large thighs and a big bottom. and i hate jeans shopping too!! To combat the problem, i wear darker jeans or jeans with rubbings at the front, to give a slimmer silhouette. always go for hipsters, and definately wear straight cuts, flares are soo out!
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