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    My name is Nicole... I'm a forum moderator here at MUT! I'm from a small city in Pennsylvania. I have a wonderful boyfriend and the most amazing children. Connor is three and Isabella just turned one. I am an el ed. grad, but also a SAHM for now. I waitress in my parents Italian restaurant part time. My favorite thing to do would have to be traveling. Some of my favorite places are California, Ireland, and Italy. Anywhere in Italy. I've been to many places in Italy... It's absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to go back someday. I also love shopping, but try to find me a girl who doesn't. I have a weakness for makeup, shoes, purses, and sunglasses. I like hanging out with my friends, and especially my boyfriend ;) I love getting up late on Saturdays and watching college football. I love staying in bed period. My absolute favorite time is my alone time with my kids. We have so much fun just playing and hanging out while their Daddy is at work. Oh, and according to my sister, I'm addicted to friggin makeup. I'll admit, I've been known to spend massive amounts of money on it. Not really surprising since this is a makeup forum.
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    See Above. :)
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    right now, SAHM
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    more Nars blushes
    MAC anything
    I hate to say it, but anything I wish for I usually buy. i am a degenerate shopper, LOL! Not that bad, but close. Oh, I want more MAC brushes, and maybe another traincase.
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    06 Jeep Commander
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    Pretty Woman, The Notebook, Top Gun...

    I miss watching movies.
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    I love everything.
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    I've been reading lots of baby books, LOL! Oh, and children's literature books for the class I'm taking. Not favorites... but i'm reading them.
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    I have a degree in elementary education... I love kids.

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  1. I had my daughter's ears pierced when she was 3 months old, and it went very well... she didn't even feel the first one go in, and the second one she cried for a few seconds. I wish my mother had my ears pierced when I was little, because the older little girls get, the more scared they become. I wanted them pierced so bad but didn't work up the courage to get them done until I was 16. Oh, and yeah, I was a little girl who's hair didn't grow as fast as others, and was called a boy until I was 5. I remember I'd get tormented about it. Every person that I've talked to about ear piercing says they always wanted it done but were to afraid the older they got. LOL! So yeah, I think there are worse things a parent can do to a child... I don't regret getting my daughter's ears pierced. She tells me all the time how much she loves them. It's easy if they don't want their ears pierced to let them close at any time.
  2. I was on it and lost 30 pounds in 30 days but then I got pregnant so I've gained it back. My friends have done this though and lost 40-50 pounds and have not gained it back. You have to make sure to complete all of the phases though or you will gain in back. When I have the baby I might do one more round to lose the baby weight quick. We'll see though. I might try to do Weight Watchers instead. My advice to you is do not ever cheat. Not even a little. The one day (it was Mother's Day) I cheated very little, and I didn't gain any weight, but the thing is you kind of stall out for over a week. I remember I didn't gain the day I cheated, but I was used to losing at least 2 pounds a day. When I cheated, like I said I didn't gain, but I went down to only losing a half pound every day for over a week and a half. It sucked. It really does through the whole diet off. My other advice is if your sexually active, make sure you on BC as the HCG is a fertility drug... hence why I'm pregnant now. LOL! Good luck with your weight loss! Oh, I just noticed... you cannot post your blog address in your post. (Unless the rules have changed here...)
  3. Great haul Leti! I've had my clarasonic for a few months, but we were in the middle of a big move so I didn't get to try it yet. I got mine through QVC though... it's definitely a good way to go!
  4. Glad you had a great experience! That's my MAC store.. love that mall!
  5. ^^ bummed... the few things I wanted are all sold out.
  6. We have a huge family, so we usually spend around $2,000 by the time it's over and done with. We are moving in the next month though, so that will be significantly cut back this year!
  7. We do not get the flu shot here... no thank you!
  8. Everyone looks beautiful! Leti, you should post your whole face, you're gorgeous!!
  9. I didn't buy this, I'm just not a fan of UD palettes. I'm sure I would have liked this one the most out of the UD palettes I have, but I have too many similar colors to justify buying it. It's crazy how HTF it is though...

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