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  1. I phoned up about a sales/demonstartor job today and iv got an interview thursday but im soooo scared! Its for helen e hair and cosmetics (a new uk brand) but its a group interview and we will have to demonstarte products on eachother, im not scared about applying make up to someone because i was used to that when i studied beauty therapy at college but i dont want someone applying make up on me. I went on the pill about 2 weeks ago and my skin has gone mad the last few days! what am i gonna do?? i hate the idea of being seen without foundation/concealer. Iv managed to reduce my spots by half the size and dried them out in 2days so hopefully in another 2 days they might be almost gone. The only thing i can think of to say is im not perfect i do get breakouts and when it comes to selling maybe a concealer i can show them just how well it helps cover spots that i have. Also what about questions like whats your weakness? why do you want to work here, what do you have to offer? i aint got a clue what to say im totally crapping myself. Help me please lol
  2. does anyone in the UK know where i can get Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle? iv had red marks since i was 16 and im now 20, the things just wont go grrrrr
  3. Iv just started taking the pill dianette yesterday, the booklet says *After taking your first pill, take one pill each day, following the directions of the arrows until you have finished all 21 pills in the pack *you should try to take the pill at the same time every day *swallow each pill whole/ *by starting in this way you will have contraceptive protection at once. I find this hard to belive as with most pills you have to wait a few weeks dont you? but when i turn the page it says 'take your first pill on the first day of your next period (which i did) you will be protected at once' But i dont believe it, i mean thats like sayin once iv swolled the pill im protected straight away but that cant be. Yet thats what the booklets basically saying :s. Is anyone else on dianette who by there doctor was told to wait a certain amount of time because i dont believe im now protected lol
  4. Originally Posted by CubNan I think I've also read about some women using it for acne? I use it on my spots and it does a great job at shrinking them and also reduces the redness.
  5. if iv popped a spot for the next few days i put honey on the area to help heal it, then i apply tea tree which helps alot with my spots and the redness.
  6. Iv never used baby oil, but i always use baby lotion to remove my make up and that doesnt break me out.
  7. Iv noticed you make alot of posts about your red marks, so maybe just try bumping you old posts asking new questions istead of making a new thread. I too am asian and im struggling to get rid of my red marks. I havent tried kojic acid so i cant comment on that. Have you tried a lactic acid peel, rosehip oil, vitamin e oil, retin-a, camellia oil? even sea water is supposed to be good for red marks so if you havent tried any of them give them a try, but be patient they wont go over night give it a few weeks when trying out something new. Also go on acne.org and check out the reviews on there. HTH
  8. Its more like a toner, you can apply it with a cotton ball and leave it on for 10-15mins. But you can leave it on but when i used to leave it on overnight i couldnt moisturise.
  9. shes known for having seaweed body wraps but iv never read she has seaweed shakes, sounds vile!

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