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  1. Thanks, that's great, but can the regular gal order from them, I don't think so.
  2. Love the brushes but too steep for my wallet.
  3. CubNan

    Tea tree oil

    I think I've also read about some women using it for acne?
  4. I just bought some tea tree oil from Aveda. What can I use it for? Nan
  5. I wear glasses and go to town on my eyes, even at work.
  6. Originally Posted by frecklesx She eats! Ive seen her on the SHOtime thing. Does she have worms? Jessicas becoming my favorite. Shes so adorable! I wonder if she's diabetic?
  7. Originally Posted by Maysie I like it! Its super unique! I got one on the back of my neck and it didn't hurt too bad at all, just stung a bit. Aren't you worried about an employer asking that it be covered up during work?
  8. CubNan

    Blonde Moment

    BLONDE IN STARBUCKS A blonde goes into a coffee shop and notices there's a 'peel and win' sticker on her coffee cup. So she peels it off and starts screaming, "I've won a motorhome! I've won a motorhome!" The waitress says "That's impossible. The biggest prize is a free lunch." But the blonde keeps on screaming, "I've won a motorhome! I've won a motorhome!" Finally, the manager comes over and says, "Ma'am, I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. You couldn't possibly have won a motorhome because we didn't have that as a prize." The blonde says, "No, it's not a mistake. I've won a motorhome!" She hands the ticket to the manager and he reads.... ...... ...... ...... W I N A B A G E L
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