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  1. Hi, I actually have the same issue with the dry and cold weather in Boston. Recently, I went to the Clinique counter because I really like their moisturizers and I told the lady behind the counter what was going on (dry patches on my face, flaking, make-up looking horrible because of my dry skin). She sat me down and put on 1) mild clarifying lotion - you dab it on with a cotton ball 2) dramatically different moisturizing lotion - i usually use this in the Summer but it's not enough for the Winter, and 3) Superdefense moisturizer. It hasn't clogged my pores as of yet and works wonders! When she applied some foundation it looked and FELT great! I was shocked because recently I've been going crazy trying to find something to help my skin. I hope you find something that works for you
  2. Originally Posted by emily_3383 I dont wear makeup so a guy will notice. lol I wear it because i like it. I dont think men pay enough attention to notice if we wear it or not honestly.
  3. Originally Posted by BeneBaby Her body looks soooo weird in these pics! I agree that those are probably linen short she rolled up, but they do look a little "Dependish" Haha! agree Her feet look really big!
  4. I use Cetaphil and it takes off my makeup and shadow. I love it!
  5. Originally Posted by AprilRayne I like it alot! Me too!
  6. Originally Posted by semantje the make up artist at mac did recommend this foundation with my dry skin as long as i use a good thick moisturiser Yesterday, I mixed my SFF with my moisturizer and then applied and I saw a big improvement!
  7. She is just too cute! She can make that okay dress look great! I wouldn't wear the dress but she def. pulls it off well
  8. Originally Posted by Salope I'm going to have to go against the masses here and say Kylie. Although she definitely looks a tad too pale in the dress, her shoes and sunglasses compliment the dress nicely. Mary's shoes are off, as are the bangles and bag. The dress has a mod, summery look to it and Mary's made her look look too heavy for my tastes.
  9. hmm, I have the same problem! My friend told me to line the lower lid with pencil eyeliner and then go over it with liquid liner and it seems to stay pretty well
  10. Love the haul! Sephora is the best - I just became a Beauty Insider member and can't wait for the free gift
  11. I use Clinique's moisturizer but I guess I am going to have to look for something better.. Thank you both
  12. Originally Posted by luxotika I think she looks like a dude. I don't think even Richard Simmons would wear those pants. haha!
  13. I love the coverage of the MAC's Studio Fix Fluid but I need something a bit more hydrating because of my super dry skin.. anyone know of a foundation like this?
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