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  1. Curiosity

    I Got Married!!

    A little late, but congratulations
  2. Curiosity

    FOTD August 2, 2008

    Looking great!
  3. Curiosity

    FOTD - May 20th, 2008

    Thank you for your kind compliments, everyone
  4. Curiosity

    FOTD - May 20th, 2008

    Here's mine...sorry about the bad photos; I edited this photo, so the colour was more true to life. I don't usually wear lipstick. Lipgloss/lipstick: by YSL... doesn't say the name but has a code 7HAC; it's one of those that come on key chain. Face: Nothing Eyebrows: Black eyebrow pencil, concealor on brow bone Eyes: Liquid eyeliner, Define a lash mascara
  5. Curiosity

    FOTD - May 18th, 2008

  6. Curiosity

    What Are YOUR Makeup Tricks & Tips?

    Use concealer which is slightly lighter than your complexion, on your brow bone blended; this makes your eyes look more 'alive'.
  7. Curiosity

    Shopping in London

    Try Portebello Market- plenty of vintage finds.
  8. Curiosity

    Anyone heard of Magic Lash Eyelash Enhancer?

    I haven't heard of it, but it seems like an ordinary primer to me. There is slight difference, but I was hoping there would be more length, as I don't have a problem with thickness, just length.
  9. Curiosity

    Candy clutch faceoff

    This was really hard; I'm not sure if I actually like my entry. The clutch would not go on the shoulder, but would held in the hand, with the straps tucked into the bag.
  10. Curiosity

    Britney Spears' "Pieces of Me".

    To be honest, whilst her songs are good- her videos need a lot of improvement. I think she needs new management or w/e to get her back on track. She has the tracks, she just needs to find a way to reach out the the public in her vdeos. I personally do not like Piece of Me, but there are better tracks on her album, such as Why Should I Be Sad (Stupid Things) and Sugarfall.
  11. Curiosity

    Jaime Lynn Spears is Pregnant

    People are only making such a big deal because she's a) Britney's sister In the celebrity limelight Whilst, I personally do not condone this, I would just like to point out that she is not the only 16 year old who is pregnant- there are many.
  12. Curiosity

    What other websites do visit on a daily basis?

    Google, Myspace, Facebook and Specktra.
  13. Curiosity


    Well done
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