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  1. I know this is probably too late, but you look great.
  2. That is just awful looking. I am glad I am small enough to not have to worry about bras.
  3. I agree with Brewgrl. Find a pair you like and then have them hemmed if necessary.
  4. At a party one time a friend came up to me and said what a sexy top I was wearing and put her hands on my boobs and said I did not think you were wearing a bra loud enough for several people to hear. She was a little wasted so, I just blew it off.
  5. Well, we met with the other person and looked at their bumper. It was obvious that I did absolutly no damage to their bumper. The other woman's husband even agreed that I did no damage. So, in the end, I was vindicated. My husband was a little upset though about my hitting another car and not telling him until the other person called me. I told him I was sorry I did not tell him at the time, but I did not think it was that big of a deal.
  6. I have never been a Paris fan, but, I do think she looks better in the second photo.
  7. That sucks, but when my cable goes out, I call the cable company and they give me a credit. I would prefer the cable, but at least I get a credit when it goes out.
  8. Was it at least a pretty bra? But really, as some of the others have said, if she is your friend, then you should be able to be honest and up front with her. I have never told a friend what to wear or not to wear, but if asked I would give my honest opinion. And your friend will most likely appreciate that you care enought to let her know if you think she is making a bad judgement call. And, if she disagrees with you, then she is still your friend, and you should still be her friend.
  9. My husband talked with the other womans husband, and we are meeting them today after work to discuss this. I will let evryone know what happens.
  10. I am just really upset. Last night I went to the home of a friend who was having a holiday gift card dessert sale. I figured I would buy some holiday cards and enjoy nice company. I and another friend had to leave early, and as I was leaving the front of my car bumped another car. As soon as I realized I had hit the other car, I stopped and we both got out and looked at the other car. The other car's bumper was scrapped with white paint while my car has green paint. Obviously, they already had that damage. We both figured I had done no damage, so we left. Today I got a call from the other person and said that I had hit their car and they wanted me to pay for it and that it was pretty crappy of me to hit their car and just leave. I said that I did bump another car, by accident, but did no damage to their car, and I have a witness. When I asked them what the damage was, they said that their bumper was dented and that their was paint on their bumper. When I asked what color paint, they said white, and I said well my car is green, so it could not have been me. I even told my husband because honestly it was just a small bump and there was no damage. I know that I did not hit that other car hard, and my friend was even with me. I am going to fight this. I do not think I should be responsible to fix someone else's car when I know it was not me. Maybe I should have gone inside and find the owner of the other car, but honestly, I know I did not hit the other car hard. And, I will be honest, I have bumped a few cars while parking, who has not. And the one time I did do damage, I left my name and number. And, how many times have you bumped another car and realized you did no damage and done nothing. Exactly my point.
  11. The clear belt is about as pratical as clear bra straps.
  12. I could care less about what the "first lady" wears. She does have to remember that for the next 4 years it is her husband who will be in the spotlight. I hope she does not try to put herself in the spotlight. I am waiting to see what "real and necessary " cause she will take on as her project as first lady. Althought Bush was not my favorite president, I think Laura was the most proper first lady we have had in years. If Michelle Obama is half as good as Laura Bush, then she will get the support of America.
  13. I think the dress will look great. I just hope you are not falling out, or up, like the model, lol.
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