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  1. I use several Lowe Cornell brushes from Michael's Craft Store. They r cheaper than most brands, and have a pretty good quality. Feels super soft on yr face too
  2. Can't wait to try this one: 4)after foundation apply with a LIGHT HAND Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder or Wet n Wild Bronzer to the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face such as your cheekbones light on forehead and nose tip of chin and that should be all.REMEMBER youre just look for a bit of color sunkissed..dont overdo it.
  3. great info-thx! i have 4 out of the 6 items covered on this list, now i need to incorporate the other two
  4. I have some Essence of Beauty brushes and had no idea they were so highly rated! I am going to look for another set b/c it is time. I also want to ck out the ones from the Body Shop and the ones by Sonya sold @ Target. Thanks Ladies!!
  5. I think ethnicity matters somewhat. Different races have different types of hair and oil producing patterns. For example, it is common in my culture to wash one's hair once a week. Especially if the hair is relaxed and or processed. When taking a shower, one would wear a shower cap. I work out 4-6 times a week and still generally wash my hair once every 6/7 days. In summer months sometimes I wash it each day, using just conditioner because shampoo can be too harsh and it can strip the hair of need nutrients and build-up.
  6. Originally Posted by xxfungirlxx Hi girls, It is my first time buying make up. The only place I know where I can buy it is in Macy and pharmacies...I was wondering if there are any stores that specilize in make up and other beauty products at a reasonable price. By the way I live in new york city...so just name the store...I should be able to find it. Thanks Great question! In these hard financial times (for most folks) cutting corners is the only way to go! Here are my tips: I shop at department stores and wait to buy items from clinique/ lancome/dior when they are giving away great free gifts wi a purchase. I shop at Sephora & Ulta and utilize in store sales and email/flyer coupons. I shop at the drug stores when they have buy one/get one free specials (don't forget WalMart & Kmart b/c they generally have lower prices). I also shop at Big Lots & Dollar Tree and sometimes find great deals on CoverGirl/Neutregena/Revlon/Loreal. Bottome line: Where you can buy it cheaper, do so For higher end items that you can only buy at certain locations, save and wait for a good free gift or coupon (Sephora/Ulta/Macy's) Happy Shopping!
  7. A friend of mine recommended the forum, and I joined right away. Then I loitered for years before making my first post- lame, I know! LOL But the main reason: I love make-up. I truly believe it enhances natural beauty, wether you wear a light more natural look or you indulge in color rich pigments for a more intense look. I really appreciate the new ideas I pick up here, and the tutorials. Thanks everyone!!!!
  8. I would have liked to live in the era of Jane Austin. Seems like the lifestyle (rich and poor) was simplier, yet enjoyable. Folks took walks, read, wrote, did home theatre shows, and other amusing activities versus watching the tube. Not to mention the clothing was flattering almost every body type...(for women that is)
  9. wow, i only knew one of those facts- thanks!
  10. Aw! I hate to hear that - the colors looked so pretty!
  11. Yep, my first purchase from Sephora was ONLY so that I could get my freebie; but now I have no problem with being a loyal customer! Keep the coupons and freebies coming!! Originally Posted by McRubel Ok, so this Sephora insider thing is news to me!!!!!! How do I get in on this, ladies??!! sign up on their website
  12. Originally Posted by Karren Well Welcome to MakeUpTalk!! And I'll bit... What's you first favorite hobby? LOL! My first fav hobby is hair! I love to change up my looks. Short/long/blonde/brunette/jet black/dark brown/curly/straight---etc!! So you can see how make-up goes right along with that! Originally Posted by xtiffanyx Welcome! I lurked for well over a year before I started posting . So you feel me! I don't know what took me sooooo long to post, but finally I felt compelled after reading a thread about MicaBella. A friend recommended MuT to me back in 2006, and I think I lurked for a few months before I actually joined. And now another milestone: my first post, over two years later! Glad to be here- thank you all for making me feel welcome.
  13. Hello Ladies! I've been lurking for a little over two years and I finally took the opportunity to introduce myself. I love make-up, it is my second favorite hobby! I really appreciate the pointers I have learned here, especially the tutorials
  14. Ooops! This will be my 1st post on this forum. But I've been lurking for about 2 years... To clarify: I do not work fo Micabella even though this is my first post. I am a boring housewife. I purchased MicaBella for the first and onlytime in Cali last summer(I don't think they have it here in Michigan). I didn't notice anything extraordinary about it, but I loved the boldness of the colors (pigments which I use for eyshadow) and the price was 5.00 each (I bought 5=25.00) because there was a group of us and we all bought some. I actually googled the product after I bought it to get reviews but didn't find any. I think if you like Loreal Hip (as do!) and MAC for the vibrant colors- then you will like the Micabella pigments.

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