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  1. I have not been impressed with the Rimmel line at all. If there's one product in their line that really, really bites, it's the eyeshadow. It's pretty much all filler, so hardly any color gets on the lid at all. The lipsticks are sub par, but there are better lip formulas out there. The foundations and powders suck, and no one can convince me otherwise, lolol. In conclusion: Not a very good line.
  2. Not to be rude, since I don't know you very well I'm not going to use your real name, but here it goes... I know that I don't participate in DTB's (and I know I've been away for awhile), but I I'm going to add my two cents anyway and give my outsider's perspective to all of this. BeneBaby, of all the people on here who submit photos of their work, I have to say that yours is one of the best that I've seen on here; and I think the rest of the people who frequent this site would wholeheartedly agree with me. I think you and I (and the rest of the board) know that you have more talent in your little pinkie that others do in their whole entire body... Seriously, why quit because of someone's else's opinion of your work. I'd hate to see someone with your caliber of talent wasting her God-given gift just because a couple goobers didn't like what was produced. Quite frankly, who cares what they think? Does it even really matter? Come on now! Granted, people have different tastes, but I thought art was objective! If there's someone out there turning a lovely shade of chanteuse "just because" should not deter you from entering contests, posting photos, etc. etc. Who gives a flying rat's patootie! Don't let them take a big fat dump on your confidence because someone was on the power trip! Quite frankly, I don't have enough appendages to count how many times I've been in complete awe at some of the things you produce! Not only that, but the tutorials that you create are pure gold! I also don't have enough appendages to count how many times a majority of the girls on here have BEGGED, and I mean BEGGED you to make a tutorial of something because they loved it so much! Here's some food for thought: By quitting you're letting the airheads win, but at the same time you're taking away something precious from this group. I would suggest that you think twice before giving up. *Gets Off Soapbox*
  3. I have to admit that packaging does attract my eye, but if the packaging is unattractive, then there's a good chance that I may pass the product up. If I already know that the product is good beforehand, then I'm more likely to pick it up despite the packaging.
  4. Ladies, you are all looking very, very lovely! I would post too, but I don't have a camera, and I'm afraid that my ugly mug would break quite a few computer screens. I definitely like the look, and I do it often. I have dark, chocolate brown hair, gray eyes, and pale skin and I like the striking contrast that dark eyes and lips can bring. Plus, it's fun!
  5. If there's one thing that I cannot stand, it's used makeup. The main reason I avoid most drugstore makeup is the fact that people do tamper with the product (especially lip and eye products), and boy is it disgusting! Some of the drugstore companies are catching on though, and they're making a majority of their products more tamper-proof. There's less chance of buying used makeup at department stores, but it never really hurts to check. I know I do this before even purchasing, because I don't want to buy something that's been contaminated. Like Celly Cell (and others), whenever I go poking around places like a CCO I will go for the products around the center. I also take them out of the box, and I inspect them closely before purchasing them.
  6. Originally Posted by puncturedskirt They have a barbie doll? lol Yup, lolol! They had six of them sitting there. Originally Posted by Jessica_Ann People are trying to sell them on ebay for a crazy price. Asking crazy prices for the Barbie Lipstick too Oh yes, the asking price for the doll and the makeup is bit outrageous, lol.
  7. If you (or someone else) is still looking for the MAC Barbie doll, the Cosmetics Company Outlet in Osage Beach, MO. have six of them at the store. Just thought I would let everyone know, just in case. *Grin* Love, Strange P.S. Here's a link with directions... OutletBound Center info for Osage Beach Premium Outlets
  8. I really like a majority of makeup from the Flirt line. Not only are the products well pigmented, they go on smoothly. The color selection is a bit edited, but the colors are quite rich and pretty. The one thing I've been reaching for the most lately is their cream blushes. There's a really pretty red blush with gold shimmer called (I think) Madame X, and it's quite pretty! I also like picking up some of the look cards from around that area for inspiration. I've also played around with the American Beauty line a little bit, and even though their colors are a bit muted, the products are still quite nice. They have some illuminating liquids that are also quite pretty. I think it's called Luminous Liquid All-Over Face Glow, and the color that I liked the most was Gold Glow. It tends to go on a bit heavy, so it would probably be best to use this with a VERY light hand.
  9. 1. Helen Mirren 2. Salma Hayek 3. Jennifer Hudson 4. Queen Latifah 5. Dita Von Teese (Yeah, I know, she's a model, she counts though!) 6. Gloria Steinem 7. Tempest Storm 8. Bettie Page 10. Rita Hayworth 10. Nancy Kwan 11. Audrey Hepburn 12. Josephine Baker 13. Jennifer Love Hewitt 14. Mary Ann Winkowski 15. Naomi Wolf 16. Joy Nash 17. Catherine The Great 18. Queen Elizabeth I 19. Cate Blanchett 20. Veronica Franco And lots of others... *Grin*
  10. Originally Posted by emily_3383 Ill watch it cant be any worse than the people they have on. Plus im glad Elisabeth is gone on maternity leave! LOL, I agree! A nice permanent "maternity leave" would be a miracle! As for Jessica Simpson, I don't think they're going to give her anything serious, although I get the feeling that she's going to try and BE serious since she's on the View... I bet all the lint in my pocket on that one!
  11. I have to admit that I love the Queen as well. I think it's about time that our that all of us were represented in the media instead of just one body type. To respond to PinkSugar's response, I don't think that Queen Latifah is promoting obesity at all! Not in the least! If anything, I think she's trying to relay the message to other women to love themselves as they are. The ideal we have in this country (and other countries that have been "westernized") is that of the slim and/or slender Caucasian female. It's an image that's done more harm than good, and I think it's time that the mold was broken so all women have a chance to be represented instead of just one. I remember an article that I read once, and this one line has stuck with me ever since, and it is, "As women have started to gain more power, why have the waistlines become smaller?" And a book on cultural studies said, "The people that a society values the most feeds them the most." So... What's so wrong with looking like a regular woman, hence, yourself? What are the "right" curves to have? Heck, why is it acceptable to lambaste a woman who has a weight problem, but ignore the tubby fella who's stomach sticks out about a mile away from his jeans? Why is the majority of plastic surgery advertisements geared toward women? What's so wrong with wrinkles? The image of health is going to be different for everybody, because not everybody is going to fit into mold that is considered "ideal feminine beauty." Not everyone who leads a healthy lifestyle is going to have that slender or super slim body type. Take me for example. I'm 6'2 and there is no WAY on God's green earth that I'm going to be at or below 115 to 100 lbs. I'd probably look like I made a visit to Auschwitz! I can guarantee you that a majority of the women around here probably could not squeeze into a single digit jeans. Heck, statistics show that the average woman is 5'4 and 5'6, weighs between 120-140 and wears a size 12-14. I've never seen her represented anywhere... Have you? Okay, I'm off my soapbox now, LOL
  12. I've been in the exact same boat that you're in right now, Bene. My grandmother ended up contracting a serious kidney infection, and on top of that she had learned that her heart was also failing her as well. I had a feeling that she would probably pass away rather quickly, and I was very, very scared. Every time I came back to her place, I was afraid I would come home to find her dead. I remember staying up all hours of the night to watch over her to make sure that she was okay. I was there (alone) when she had passed, and it was probably one of the hardest things that I have gone through in my life. If there's one thing that I tried my hardest to do, it was to make her last days on this planet as enjoyable as I possibly could. I learned quite a bit about her during those last couple of days, and those are some of the things about her that I hold near and dear to my heart (I'm the only one that knows the story about how my grandfather asked her to go steady on Christmas, and had her pick out her engagement ring on Valentine's day). I hurts to think about that night, but at least she wasn't alone. No one wants to be alone when they pass, and I think having someone there makes it easier to go. I'm pretty sure that your "mother" appreciates you being there more than what you could possibly know, and the fact that you're going out of your way to make everything pleasant is one of the best things you could do. When it's her time, it won't be easy. There going to be quite a bit of pain, and quite a bit of tears and what not. As time goes on it'll get easier to cope, but you won't forget. If you ever find yourself focusing on her passing, do yourself a favor and go back to all those good times and be thank that she lived, and that she was in your life. Heck, if need be, write her a letter. Feeling mad? Go ahead and scream. Best to let it all out then let it fester. That's what gets me through all the bull. You got tons of people here though if you ever need a shoulder to cry on.
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