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  1. Originally Posted by starbound25 ever do one of those makeup looks and get surprised by how it looks afterwards? in a good way I finished this look and felt so pretty haha all HEARTBREAKER COSMETICS: lid-CHAMPAGNE WISHES crease up to brow- SHARK ATTACK center crease- ADDICTED under brow- SWEETHEART bottom lashes- sweetheart and SECRET (blue) tear duct-SWEETHEART liner- LUST (with some secret swept over it) cheeks- CLOUD 9 BLUSH lips- wet n wild lipstick in 502 hope you like it!! http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s..._0393_3402.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s..._0394_3403.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s..._0388_3397.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s..._0389_3398.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s..._0387_3396.jpg xoxo I know this is supposed to be about your face, vbut I love the nails. Great job all around.
  2. Sorry to hear about your dealings with your mom and your makeup. My mom is probably indifferent to my wearing makeup. She actually thinks I should wear more since I have so much of it. She doesn't really wear it herself, but I think that's because she saw my granna (bless her heart) wearing way too much of the wrong colors in the wrong way when she was growing up, so she never wanted to get into it.
  3. I have afro textured hair, but I don't have scalp problems so I don't know how much help I will be. My first guess would be dandruff since that's the only thing that I could think of that would make your hair get flaky so fast. When you wash your hair, are you concentrating lather on the scalp or the hair? Shampoo is for the scalp but many people put it on the hair. So maybe you are using good shampoo (I've never tried Head and Shoulders) but the wrong technique.
  4. Yes. Her eyes are her best feature and they contrast beautifully with her dark hair. Originally Posted by LilDee I think she's one of the hottest girls on earth! the new Angelina.. Speaking of which, she'd probably make a wonderful Laura Croft.. She actually said she doesn't like being compared to Angelina and she already turned down the Lara Croft role in the new movie that's supposed to be being planned. Originally Posted by Saffia She acts slutty in both the Transformers movies? Either that, or she's a genuinely terrible actress. I don't think she was acting slutty in the movies. Plus her character is kind of a "bad girl turning into a good girl" , so I think she played the part okay.
  5. The title of this thread made me burst out laughing because that's exactly how I am. The only makeup item I wear on a daily basis is lip gloss and I almost never rotate so I will use the same 2 lip glosses for a month before I switch to another one. But I still can't stop buying. It's like, I just enjoy the products sitting in my train case.
  6. Originally Posted by TwinkletOes26 ok i asked a stylist on allexperts.com...this guy is the hairman i know hes a reliable source cos he use to advertise his salon on hair boutique.com and had videos of his work up...anywho here is what i wrote : Ok i got my hair relaxed today at a salon and it is underprocessed. My stylist says that its because i used olive oil on my hair and scalp before coming in. I used some on my hair and on my scalp bc i am VERY sensitive i always have been lol. Anywho she carried on about how the relaxer sat in my hair 20 mins and it still wasnt straight. She couldnt do a roller set bc my hair was too "kinky" still so she had to blow it out and flat iron it. She said that mizani relaxer is formulated to use only with other mizani products and the relaxer cant work through the new growth properly bc the olive oil is blocking it. Now to me something in the milk aint clean. Ive based my scalp with olive oil before for YEARS and never had an issue with the relaxer taking. Is she full of it....or is she telling me the truth?What say you hairman? Here is his response : K, I've never heard your milk expression before, but I like it, and as you say, "something ain't clean". She is full of it indeed, and is trying to blame you, and poor old olive oil, for her per workmanship. You know as well as I do (from the sound of your letter) that olive oil is not going to stop a sodium relaxer from working. It's not enopugh of a barrier and it also won't affect the PH of the product enough to make a difference. She may have used too mild a formula or some other problem. As far as MIZANI working ONLY with other MIZANI products, that's also a stretch. Although it is always better to use all one brand's products for a service, as they are meant to work synergistically, and enhance one another, the bottom line is that even if she used a MIAZANI relaxer and another brand's neutralizing shampoo and a thrid company's conditioner, it would still work, even if not quite as well. The hair will still straighten. In the future though, you would do better with an actual basing cream rather than olive oil. And adding a bit of liquid lecithin to it will help it even more. But again, you are absolutely right, my dear K. Best of luck to you. Stephe (hairman) I used olive oil bc i saw it said it kept it from processing the hair too fast ..so i would expect it to have a little curl left bc bone striaght is not good for the hair health. its just this time it was like i hadnt even had the relaxer on.. But you would have had to put the oil in the relaxer, not on your hair. It's hard to explain why the two things are different, but they are. But if it's really bothering you, maybe wait a month or so and do a mild corrective relaxer over the underprocessed parts.
  7. Originally Posted by Andi Well I just turned 25 today. When I was blonde people always guessed I was about 2-4 years younger than I actually am. Now with the dark hair I dunno. I think I look more mature, which I really like. My mom is 49 and she looks really youthful. She does have wrinkles because she never really took any care of her skin, but she´s really skinny and just has young facial features. People always compliment her on looking so young. I hope the same thing will happen to me when I`m her age. Happy Birthday!!!! I'm 23, but regularly get pegged for 16 or 17. And what's so funny, when I was 12/13 people thought I looked 17. I guess I'll never get out of looking that age, at least not for a while.
  8. Originally Posted by TwinkletOes26 noir why do they base your scalp b4 relaxing then? Thats what i didnt get if its ok to base with vaseline then why isnt olive oil ok? Originally Posted by missmignonne Well, that's just the thing though... you need to base the scalp while avoiding as much of the hair as possible because while technically you shouldn't relax the hair closer than 1/8 inch to the scalp, during the smoothing process relaxer usually makes its way toward the scalp. Vaseline having a creamy consistency is easier to control than olive oil and therefore easier to keep on the scalp and away from your hair itself. If you got oil on your hair the relaxer wouldn't take properly. However if your stylist is implying that only Mizani's pre-relaxer base works with Mizani relaxer, she probably is just looking for a reason to charge you to subsidize her costs. After all, Mizani is an expensive product line. What she said. Plus, I know of some ladies on various forums who put olive oil in the relaxer itself to keep it from processing so fast, so their hair is underprocessed on purpose. Even though I'm no longer relaxed, when I was, I never based with anything except Vaseline or that particular line's scalp base.

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