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  1. Yes i was always a pretty active/outdoorsy person. I was never at a low weight range for my height though bc i always had alot of muscle mass. So i always weighed a little more than others but i was fit. I started gaining weight and not exercising when i was in nursing school and still didnt start exercising until now which is over a year since ive finished school. So needless to say.. ive turned into a jelly bowl haha
  2. Hello!! Ok so heres the deal.. i joined a gym right before summer and i havent lost any weight or inches. I noticed that i am getting more muscle and i feel more in shape but the scale is not budging. Overall i eat fairly healthy and try to eat about 1300-1500 cals a day. And i was doing the elliptical for 30 mins average 3 days a week somtimes more. I wasnt working out at all so i thought jus adding some exercise would make some difference. I do splurge though im a beer drinker..well just a drinker in general lol but i wouldnt think one day of drinking would prevent weight loss, does it? There are times though when we go out drinking several times in a week. Could anyone give me some advice on what im doing wrong? How many calories should i be eating and exercising? Also, i just started spinning this week and find that i really enjoy it! Does this really help with weight loss with an overall healthy diet? Thanks in advance! Im too the point of so much frustration and discouragement
  3. Nexxus Heat Protect. I will re-buy this over and over again. It works awesome!
  4. Ok, long story short I'm a natural dirty blonde and had been dying my hair black for years. Over the past 5-6weeks I have been gradually lightening it, and have gotten it to a golden strawberry blonde. I was going for a neutral medium blonde with pale blonde highlights so it would be more natural. My hair is very dry but not damaged, so yesterday I bought the blue based prism lites from sallys and pulled my hair through a cap. The roots came out beautifully, a nice pale blonde, but the ends are now a lighter yellowy-orangey blonde. I wasnt neccesarily going for bleach blonde, but may end up doin it to get rid of the orange. I need advice on what my next step should be. Should I just keep highlighing it, tone it, buy shimmer lights, or bleach my whole head. I can't afford to go to a salon because I would have done this in the first place, and I feel like i am so close to getting to the blonde i want. Any advice would be helpful!! Thanks x0x0
  5. do you know anything about those hi-lift browns. I know they lift natural dark hair a little lighter, but I wonder if it works on dyed dark hair as well?
  6. Okay, I need some help. I have naturally medium blonde hair. Lately i've been dying my hair dark brown/black. I've been thinking lately that i wanna go back to my natural color. Im tired of having blonde roots and dying my hair. Plus since summer is coming I really want lighter hair. What would be the best and fastest way of doing this. I saw at sallys, they have the ulta-lift browns. I was thinking about maybe going to a lighter brown then gradually getting some blonde. Or should I get it stripped?? Thanks in advance!!!!!
  7. im not sure if i would actually wear them, but they are cute esp with the right outfit
  8. ok so to make my long story short.. last year i was going for nursing and then i decided that it wasnt really what i wanted. a friend of mine was leaving college and going to paul mitchell (we were in A&P together) and then i started really considering going for cosmetology also. i went to aveda and paul mitchell, and if i decided to go for that i would pick paul mitchell bc i just loved the atmosphere so much more. but after a lot of thinking i decided to stay in school and go for surgical technology. now that this semester is almost over..the idea of going to paul mitchell keeps coming up and i am really excited about it bc i know i would really enjoy it. but i also really enjoy medical stuff. about a mth ago we got to spend the morning observing surgies and at first i loved it and that it was awesome, then it hit me out of no where and i felt like i was going to faint. so i dont know if i am just worried about not ever being able of getting used to surgery, or is cosmetology what i should be doing since it keeps coming back to me. my whole life i have always loved hair and makeup and i know i would love it, but i am just not sure if its the right choice. saturday i went to paul mitchell to visit my friend and get my haircut, and all the girls there were telling me how much fun it is, and how i should go there etc. so i guess to anyone who is a cosmetologist or considering it, was it worth it? also does anyone know which career would make more. not that money really matters alot, i just want to make sure i can live off the salary. thanks in advance for any adivce
  9. Something similar to v beckam, maybe a little softer and not as dramatic lines though. i was going to ask my hair dresser about cutting my bangs a little too, because i used to have them i just let them grow out with in the past 6 months or so. i love long hair, but i do have to agree that i think shorter hair draws attention to my face. i feel like i just kind of blend and look plain when my hair is really long.
  10. Ok, i am thinking about cutting my hair. You cant really tell in this pic but my hair goes right under my bra line, and i love it alot but ive been thinking about cutting it again. i love what i guess it called an A line cut? i want it right below my chin and shorter in the back. i just don't know if i could pull it off or not. i just feel like i need an update bc my hair has been the same for a while, and i just want something real cute and stylish. thanks in advance i appreciate it a bunch! p.s i attached a picture of me two years ago with shorter hair so yall can kinda have an idea.
  11. if i saw something i like, then i would definately try it
  12. i love revlons powder mineral foundation thing. i just bought it and its awesome

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