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  1. I have an obsession with buyin new blushers... but always wear the same few ones... I have more than 200 blushers :X
  2. Not interested in Chanel, way overpriced for the quality of the products.
  3. If u have doubts, just contact the global communcations from MAC, I for sure know that they NEVER SELL product samples NOR defects . FOR SURE. Play safe, get the real thing from the counter or the actual site itself instead of from 3rd party sellers. Too many fakes. And sorry, there are too many counterfeits in ASIA esp from HK and CHINA, and there is no such thing as factory overruns or defects in MAC cosmetics as far as i know. I know of someone from another beauty forum who had contacted MAC global comms regarding this issue and MAC replied that they never do factory overruns. And I m sorry to say your tone sounds condescending. In cases such as cosmetics, it's better to play safe than be sorry.
  4. Tom ford is definitely expensive ... i only have one eye palette and a blush from them and it cost me a BOMB... really literally ouch.. to my wallet.
  5. I used to hate red lips on myself when i was younger, but lately i have been reaching for it more and more... and on a lazy make up day.. i would jus do a red lip and neutral eye make up
  6. Whatever stuff I pass my mum she uses. She has MAC (her MAC make up are from me), some dior stuff, and some japanese brand makeup
  7. Using matte lipstick as eye color haha!
  8. Here is my answer in bold Quote: Originally Posted by ItalianDream Hi girls! This is a 20 questions-survey, in which we answer about our beauty routine and makeup preferences, just to know each other This is it, just fill in with your answers!! 1. How often do you wash you face? 2 x a day (Once in the morning and once @ night before i slp) 2. What's your face cleanser? I use random brands of facial cleanser 3. What's your skin type? Combination dry 4. Do you use any scrub? How often and what is it? Yes. Once a week. MAC Volcanic ash exfliolator 5. Do you use any face masks? How often and what is it? Yes. Once in 3 weeks. Kiehs marine mud mask 6. What's your face day cream? Mac marine bright moisture creme 7. Do you use any other creams or face products? (night cream, serums, eye products) YSL Forever youth liberator serum, YSL forever youth liberator gel serum creme 8. What's you current foundation? And do you like or do you plan to change it? YSL serum foundation, YSL le teint foundation. MAC face and body foundation. Like the hydrating properties and glowy finish. Not planning to change. 9. What's your concealer? MAC studio finish concealer palette & Covermark 10. Do you know your skin undertone? YES. yellow undertone 11. Do you like and use false eyelashes? Seldom use. Too lazy to apply even though it takes less than 5mins to apply. Eyes gets tired at the end of the day from wearing falsies 12. How often do you change your mascara? Once a yr LOL... I know i m supposed to change at least every 6mths, but my mascara lasts me for a yr..so why not? 13. What's your favourite brand for mascaras? MAC extended play gigablack mascara 14. Do you use eye pencils and khols? How many do you own? YES. More than 10 15. List your 3 favourite lipsticks MAC candy yum yum, MAC flat out fabulous, YSL Rouge volupte shine #19 16. List your 3 favourite lipglosses MAC richer luscher cremesheen glass, MAC just superb cremesheen glass, MAC fashion whim cremesheen glass 17. List your 2 favourite blushes MAC Royal sunset, MAC peony petal (judging from the frequency that i use... I have more than 300 blushers so it's really hard for me to pick up jus 2 ) 18. If you had to do a 3 elements makeup, what would you put on? Concealer, Blusher and lipstick 19. Do you ever go out with no makeup at all? Very rarely 20. List your 3 favourite makeup brands MAC, Urban decay and YSL
  9. I have combi-dry skin so usually i will use a liquid foundation (My favs are YSL le teint touch eclat foundation, YSL serum foundation or MAC face and body foundation) , I use MAC studio careblend on T-zone to set the liquid foundation and skip the rest of the face as if i use too much powder on my face it can get a bit too powdered n dry. My base is just MAC lightful marine bright moisture creme before the foundations for extra hydration. And a bit of highlight powder like MAC belightful irridiscent powder on the cheekbones to give a glowy finish
  10. hmm ur eyelids look very similar to mine... this is how i do my make up I will first apply a base color on my whole eyelid and then i will use a darker color to color my socket to give the illusion of a deeper set eyes. And I will draw my eyeliner thicker than usual to make my eyes bigger plus falsies. Do leave some space for the brow bone highlighter and dont blend the socket color too high. I will advise at least half a small finger space for the brow bone highlighter as a gauge of whether to stop blending the socket color. I personally feel for hooded lids, having false lashes really enhances the eyes a lot
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by mariahk83 you have PHENOMENAL skin! I have horrible undereyes though really dark ones as u can see frm my no make up pic :X
  12. These are 2 pics of me with make up And pic of me without make up... ew. i look tired and awful without make up :X
  13. Viva glam Rihanna lipstick and lipgloss
  14. I can curl my lashes without lookin at the mirror and apply mascara on my lashes without lookin in the mirror too without smudging. I wonder if this is an achievement or not haha!

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