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  1. I use a jojoba cream as a moisutrizer that i love from the health food store. Also for minerals not to much, have a easy hand. I play around with mine and love it and 49 (50 next month)
  2. I like the look but I am older as well so I do have wrinkles. But it takes more time for me~~
  3. I have tested many but my fav is Silk Naturals doesnt make me stop testing though LOL
  4. I have some of their lipsticks, dont last long but the colors are great~~
  5. Originally Posted by luxotika I have seen cuter shoes at Payless for $12.95! so true~~nothing special about these Paris shoes at all, I also heard they were very cheaply made
  6. pricy, yep I cant afford to order LOL, but also I need color descriptions ALWAYS
  7. I just put a drop or so of moisturizer on the top of my hand, then drop in some minerals mix on top of hand, apply, wala~~ it works great, try that. Since you already have some you can try. I use olay HOWEVER i ALSO use another moisturizer prior to application, ie, I wash face, apply moisturizer, let it dry then apply the other. Good luck~~And whatever you do have fun~
  8. I have found that if I look dry and flaky to just wet my hands a bit with water and pat over face also helps. This has helped in a pinch as well like you get to work and look at face and go oh no~~
  9. tooooo expensive for me, I spend lots of money on makeup but not all in one place, I will wait and wait till stuff like this gets cheaper~~
  10. What Mineral Company and Name of Blush that you love, I am looking for some new blush colors and curious what everyone else loves~~
  11. I usually used the worded description for a idea about the colors more than the color itself because allour computers are different and half the time the color isnt true to what you get. I love wordy descriptions as well more info the better, some sites need to remember this, some have no description just the color, I wont order~~
  12. hmmm... I need to try this~~I think it would give a truer lipstick color as well~~
  13. oh honey I am so sorry. Do you think he has a gambling problem? Maybe thats why your $4 mascara thing is so madening to him taking $4 away from his gambling. What has hanppened he gets aorund a bunch of guys who dont have responsibility and it sounds good to him. Dont worry what he says to his family they will figure him out pretty quickly. Do you belong to a church? maybe they can help. Good luck~~
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