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  1. Thanks for the tip. I always wash my hair before I get out the shower so if anything that didn't get washed out minutes earlier would get washed away.
  2. I like how her hair looks in the 1st pic more than the 2nd pic with the long hair.
  3. I thought being obese ment being like 600 or more pounds? That kind of people make people go anorexic. Jordin isn't even fat. She just has a little extra weight. I laugh when she was saying the obese new pop stars are making a wrong inpression on teens. Looking at Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan makes me want to stop eating so I won't gain weight yet looking at Jordin makes me think nothing of food. The "obese" new pop stars don't make me eat less or more so I don't see how they leave wrong impressions on teens. Plus seeing the "obese" pop stars makes me think there is actually hope for bigger people to make it in the entertainment buissness. I miss the days when if you were fat you were rich. Junk food ain't free. One meal can cost $5-$6 lol.
  4. I have medium lenght wavy fuzzy hair and a flat iron I bought at walmart works really well. It's a Conair flat iron and only cost about $30. It heats up fast and in a minute is ready to use instead of waiting like 25 minutes like someother flat irons. I have had it for almost 2 years and it still works well. I put baby oil in my hair and straighten my hair after that. I end up with pin straight hair that lasts for days. Conair - Instant Heat Ceramic-coated 2" Double Ionic Straightener (CS18JCS) ^^ that's the one I have. I don't know if they still have it at walmart. When I first got it I use to not care about my hair so I just threw it around but now I use it everyday and it still works well. I got it because my mom's hair is really curly and damaged and I liked playing her hairstylist lol (i'm 15 so it's not that weird haha) and liked to "admire" my work in her hair. It actaully straighten her hair good but not pin straight like it did to mine.
  5. Well it's not the first time he does that kind of dancing onstage. YouTube - akon YouTube - Tara Reid, Akon Smacks That on Stage at Sundance
  6. Woah it actually gave me my age lol.
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