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  1. Desert Essence Thouroghly Clean Face Wash
  2. I could talk about Jim all day... but I will save you and only give you five. 1. He is an engineer. His mom says he has been taking things apart and puting them back together since he was 2. 2. He is an excellent poker player. 3. He loves soccer! His whole family plays. 4. He is my best friend. I love spending time with him. 5. He loves comedy. Dane Cook to family guy. One of our favorite dates is to a comedy club.
  3. Shea is my real name.. 26 is the day I am getting married. TA-DA!
  4. I loved the music she did with No Doubt. Her solo stuff is too teenage for me. The pictures are beautiful though.
  5. So my mom, sister, and I went to Merle Norman to do a test run for makeup. My sister looked better than ever!! Her makeup was amazing. She usually does a thick mod looking eyeliner but they did a great job. Even Mom looked like a million bucks. I, on the other had... it was horrible. Super neutral, I looked completely washed out. It was ridiculous. I mentioned several times that I look good in plum or purple eyeshadow... no. nothing. Dramatic blush, too dark and chocolate brown. Mocha colored lips. She put a tearose color on my eyes, that was horrible.:wtf: So I returned home and pulled out our MN stash. My sister and I went to work. We finally decided that halo (pinky thistle) and va va violet would go best with my Diamond white dress with blue silver overlay. I pinky lip finished the look. I am so proud I didnt meltdown and we solved the castrophe! Just thought I would share...:eusa_whistle:
  6. OHHHH I hate that... You were completely right and if I was around you I would have applauded. Another one that gets me is when the kids are up walking around in the back seat while the adults are buckled in up front!!! ARGGG.
  7. Welcome to my addiction! This website is soo helpful!
  8. I am 3 weeks away from 24. At 19, I was wrapped up in being a new member of my sorority, parties on the weekends, my best friends and passing my classes. Man I wish that was the most stressful things I would have to worry about now. Bills, wedding stuff, getting a job, & the health and happiness of my family and friends are the stresses I have today.
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