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  1. I sent and email tonight and was surprised to get a response back. Someone is checking to see if it shipped yet. Sunny, did you get a confirmation that your samples shipped or they just came?
  2. No response to the email still. I also still have not received my samples I ordered December 27th. I'm really dissapointed now. I think I will just ask for my refund if they have not yet shipped my order.
  3. Thank you for the re-assurance. I forwarded my email I sent to productinfo to sales last night. I just hit reply to the order confirmation email they sent. Maybe it will go through this time. Originally Posted by saitoyf Don't doubt them, they really have good CS, I never have any problem in them & I am that kind of fussy type.Maybe they are close for the holiday that's why they are slow in replying email.So far I send email at [email protected] & they did replied to me fast,usually the next day I can received their mail.
  4. Hello Vanja, I just ordered samples from them Sunday night and sent a couple of emails regarding that order. I have not received a reply either. I ordered from them because I read that they have great CS but I am doubting that now. I sent my emails to [email protected]
  5. Halzer, I have not ordered yet. I am still trying out the samples I got. Currently, I am mixing my Semi-Matte Medium Beige Warm and Intensive Medium Beige Summer Warm and I am liking the results. Did you order Orginal Glo, Semi-Matte, Matte or Intensive? I think once I decided on the colors, I have to decide if I should go for Matte or Intensive as far as controlling oil. Thanks again everyone!
  6. Thais, you are probably right about the color being too light on me. Halzer, I think I will be ordering Olive Medium Neutral... So right now, I think my next sample order will be... 1. Olive Medium Neutral Intensive 2. Light Winged Butter Warm Intensive 3. ? (still have no idea which 3rd color to select) 4. Balancing Dust (I like the idea of putting it on my T-Zone before Make-up) I already have Medium Beige Warm in Semi-Matte and Medium Beige Summer Warm in Intensive.
  7. Thanks for all your responses. I am currently wearing Medium Beige Warm in Semi-Matte and the color is just a little too light for me and also kinda looked pale. I have looked at the Olive Medium but it kinda looks too dark. I am thinking of getting Medium Beige Neutral next... I have Medium Beige Warm in Natural Glo, I haven't opened it yet and I don't think I will be trying that on since it's for dry(er) skin. I messed up when I was ordering. Does anyone want to do trade? I am looking for eye shadow. I want to try them. Thanks again everyone! ps... It's really hard to determine if I am yellow, olive or brown. I look more brown I think.
  8. Hi everyone! I just got my samples today and I have tried them already. Left side I used Medium Beige Summer Warm in Intesive and on the right side I used Medium Beige Warm in Semi-Matte. I like them both but the left side looked smoother but a little bit darker. I am afraid that it will look orangy after a few hours once oil starts to build up. I seem to have that problem with foundations. I ordered the $6.00 buki brush... man, that thing shed like there's no tomorrow! The thing was all over my face. I am getting ready to order my second set of samples but I am needing some input from you guys. So here's a few question to everyone that uses EDM.... 1. For those of you who have combination skin, do you use Semi-Matte, Matte or Intensive and are there any real difference between the 3? 2. I am pacific Islander, my skin is naturally dark but face is lighter, which foundation would you reccommend? Can someone help me determine if I am warm or neutral tone? I think I am warm but there are some neutral colors that I think matches my skin color also... I am so confused! :frown: 3. Any suggestions as to which colors I should get next? 4. Fisnishing Dust or Balancing Dust? Which is better? 5. Do you think it's possible to get 4 foundation samples as oppose to 3 foundations and 1 blush? I think this is it for now. Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Thanks! I will look into the skin care thread... I am currently stuck in the Mineral makeups and regular makeup threads. hahaha.
  10. Thanks April! I have another question though... I have combination skin. Cheeks are dry, T Zone oily... will this make my T Zone area oilier? Thanks again in advance!
  11. LVA, I can't see what you wrote... it's telling me that I need to have 10 posts to see it. To view links in this forum your post count must be 10 or greater. Your post count is 6 momentarily
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