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    [i][b][color=orange]I love exercising with make up and i want learn professional make up artist or aesthetical. i'm intresting in beach volley,going out with my friends after work and i like traveling to the greek islands[/i][/b][/color]
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    [i][b][color=yellow]I'm working as an administrator at computers in the university of my town..[/i][/b][/color]
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    [i][b][color=red]more mac products!!!!!!!![/color]
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    [img]http://http://peugeot307cc.jp/307cc%20S16.JPG[/img] (linked)
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    norbit, butterfly effect etc.i dont like thriller with blood it's disgusting.i like movies with humor,love and adventure
  • Favorite Music
    i'm listening more rnb, pop.Generally i like all kind of music except trance ,heavy metal.Ad when i'm clubbing i like the Greek music cuz we can dance all over the night.
  • Favorite Books
    well i've read greek books can't write them :p
  • My Favorite Makeup Brands
    erre due
  1. Originally Posted by lovefe you girl lookin gorgeous.. Originally Posted by Adrienne Very pretty lipgloss Saints I love that look Lovefe; what kinda of lipstick did you use? i ll tell you later cuz i m not at home right now
  2. thank you vm girls u all look beautiful!
  3. Originally Posted by Anthea You look great, nice job on your smoky eyes and I too love your hair thank you!
  4. face: mac foundation mac corrector lips: rilken lipcolor No 611 + mac aristo-chic lustre eyes: artdeco mascara
  5. hellooo everyone here's my fotd i was ready to go out my my b/f
  6. Originally Posted by Karren_Hutton Awsome, Angela!! You look fantastic!! thanksssssssssss hehe
  7. Originally Posted by michal_cohen wow you are very pretty i love the mu and your hair thank you..
  8. here is my fotd for today hope u like it!
  9. Originally Posted by daer0n Very pretty LoveFe! thank you very much!!! Originally Posted by xtiffanyx lovefe, I really like that last pic you you. You have great hair. thank u girl Originally Posted by Karren_Hutton super sexy look, Angela... i'm glad u like it thanks !!! Originally Posted by Anthea I like that blue colour, looks great on you. thanks u sooo muchhh Originally Posted by andrrea lovefe -- Great look, love your hair! thank you andreaa
  10. that's me !! lol one is today an the other yest thx for viewing kisssseess
  11. really goood u look so beautiful well done!

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