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  1. Carolyn, you are an angel for posting this info. I have psoriasis (most in my scalp) since I was 2yrs old, I'm 40 now, and is a living nightmare. And what I notice is that is not a miracle cure for psoriasis, just temporary relief with each different treatment. It's just a matter of controlling not curing. I will take time to relax and read the links you posted, I'm always looking for updates on Psoriasis. Thanks again.
  2. Really good info, thank you for posting the chart again.
  3. Has been 5 days? more or less using the Magical Recipe, and now is when I can see the results, even skin tone, looks nice in every aspect, clean, clear. Somebody mention less makeup, well....that's what I'm doing, using just powder no foundation. Still using the same mixture and yes is getting thicker by the day and I keep it at room temperature. some days when I have extra time in my hands I use it 2x a day, but general rule I'm using it 1x a day. It's a Keeper now I'm in love with this recipe. Thank you MissLovely
  4. I need to print this for my next shopping. I wonder if those brands can be found in drugstores or only in high end stores. Any of you know? Forget about my stupid question, I just click on the product and/or the name and tan tan there's the link to buy them.
  5. I forgot about this recipe. But finally I been using it for the past 2 days, 2x per day. Problem is, that I did not have the ACV and used Destilled White Vinegar. No wow results, just like everybody feeling the skin smooth, tight but no changes in my acne, pores or tone of my skin. (I'm going to try it with the ACV too! to see if any diferences). I'm going to keep using it, I still have enough for more uses. And who knows? maybe in the long term is going to be very beneficial no? QUESTION: Do you use a thin layer of molasses? Because before the 20mins passed, the mask is already dry or sticky so I put a second layer. Really good post and thank you for the recipe! Forgot to mention that the mix gets thicker, I been using the same batch for 2 days. And just my daughter came in and I asked her if she sees anything different in my skin and she said that my acne or the pimples got smaller and less bumpier and the red is more like pinkier than yesterday. Soooooooooo there you have it!!!! FORGET ABOUT THE NO WOW RESULTS.
  6. I love her tutorials too! and the makeup tutorials are awesome, she is full of nice surprises. Thank you for posting the videos.
  7. To be honest you look great with both lengths. That's a great job they did on you...you look beautiful. Love the haircut.
  8. I could not see the pic. But instructions are perfect.
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