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  1. You deserve it niiiice colour too!! You deserve it niiiice colour too!!!
  2. hehe...im with you on the no buy until christmas i have bought sooo many clothes this week...But enjoy your haul!!! Lots of goodies there!
  3. Originally Posted by pinksugar Yay!!! finally got my assignment done last night so today I can do something fun Today I'm wearing: Face napoleon autoprimer clarins hydracare tinted moisturiser in Gold Milani blush in luminous Eyes Max factor green eye shadow duo - in meadow prorance eyeshadow in dark purple and pale purple prorance highlighter clarins purple eyeliner benefit mascara (the white one) lancome hypnose mascara guerlaine divinora mascara Lips milani lipstick in plush philosophy lipgloss in pink http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v8...OTD2505071.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v8...OTD2505072.jpg soooo cute. Love it!! Fresh and summery (although you have winter dont you if I remember correctly) Missoli...that looks so beautiful.
  4. i like them all I work in a shoe store so obviously I love shoes. I get a discount
  5. ok. that sucks!!! Bad luck. I work part time all year in addition to my studies. The money comes in handy What sucks for me is that I dont really get that many extra hours during summer. id be happy to work full time then. Either way...balancing work and uni can be difficult. It was so much better in Australia because I could listen to all my lectures online. I pretty much worked almost fulltime in addition to studying there. It gives you much more freedom. I like being able to have the choice. Anyway...I hear your rant and hope it all works out for you! Cuddle with your cute cat. That will make you feel better
  6. oh that is such bad luck!!! I know what you mean too. If that happened to me I would stress about it too. However, you have done all you can to fix it, it is out of your hands now and it is up to your tutor. They tend to be pretty understanding about these things Just do your best to relax!!!
  7. some more pics...he really is quite the poser oh no...Bevan is getting her heart broken by the Bachelor...im gonna cry.. Attachment 33514 Actually no, ill just sleep and sleep some more... Attachment 33515 Attachment 33516 dont take a picture of me when I just woke up! Attachment 33517 I think I will just lie here while you study and then when you finish we can play. Attachment 33518 Actually, no, can we play right now???!!! Attachment 33519 See! Im ready to play! Attachment 33522 ohoh...now im tired again...oh well better sleep. Again! Attachment 33523
  8. Originally Posted by AngelaGM Bailey is soooo precious! I want to see more pictures=) Ill put some more up later I have a funny one of him watching the finale of the bachelor with me. Paying close attention. LOL funny. Originally Posted by magosienne my brother's allergic too, as much as you can be, when we were kids are our grandfather's, i used to have trouble falling asleep in case he couldn't breathe during the night and i wouldn't be here to help him. but apparently, when you have a cat you develop a sort of habit and you don't get sick. but bring my brother into another house with a cat and he'll have his allergies back in no time. weird. just so you know it's possible you can have a kitty and not having allergies with him. i have heard of this too! Its interesting.
  9. YES!!!! i love this show. It is a def favourite
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