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  1. tigi bedhead superstar leave in conditioner!!
  2. In order... 1. cleanser - Nivea young 2. moisturiser - Nivea young anti-oil 3. Tinted Moisturiser (summer) / Foundation (winter) : clarins tinted moisturiser (peach), Studio Tech NC27 4. Eyeshadow - rimmel beige, mac romp and mac woodwinked 5. Lower lash liner - prestige black eyeshadow applied with a mac liner brush 6. Upper lash liner - rimmel (thin liquid liner) for whole upper lash line, rimmer (thick liquid liner) for small flicks at corner 7. Mascara - lancome ultracill (someting like that?) 8. L'oreal Brunette bronzer
  3. Hair colour does damage hair, if you're going over the same hair over and over. Permanent tints are the worst because they put colour molecules into the cortex (not the medulla) and leave the cuticles raised. If you do it once, and just touch up the roots and take care of your hair it will be fine. Hair does fall out because of stress/trauma - a major cause of alopecia Cold water does actually make the hair shinier, simply because the cuticle scales lift when faced with heat ie hotwater, straightening etc. cold water seals the cuticle scales back down making them appear smoother, allowing them to increase more light and appear shinier. After blowdrying you will need to use the cool shot on your hairdryer to seal the cuticle scales down again as the heat will left them a little.
  4. my puppy senza - she's an alaskan malamute (5 months) my pony Millar...(competition name is Finkley Alex Also have another three ponies I look after, Jenna, Amber and Bridie and a black and white long hair cat called Merlin! These were my other two cats, one got a hereditory kidney disease and was put down (the black and white one - noo) and the tabby (oaki) was hit by a car a few days later, they were totally infatuated with each other and we think he couldn't go on without her.
  5. I've only been driving for two months and I have to say the moment your in the car traffic signs etc and directions come to you a lot more easily because you know your responsible for yourself. When I was learning I often let my instructor make decisions on the road but now I can do it myself, you get better with time and its really not that scary!
  6. could anyone do a tutorial on how to acheive a tan looking face without using actual fake tan! (instant tan is fine) An example would be the model gemma ward, she is naturally so pale but this season she looked like she had a light tan, not enough for it to be fake tan so it was definitely makeup, hope someone understands what i mean x
  7. most celebrities avoid sunbathing because they have dermatologists etc. to tell them about the dangers of the sun. She's actually not naturall dark, if you google her images you'll find one of her before she was famous, she has dark features but is very pale, so I'm assuming its down to good fake tan, wish I could have a professional tanning person!
  8. Ok so since Desperate Housewives first aired I became obsessed with finding out how Eva Longoria gets her tan...I know it's not her natural colour (although she is mexican and I'm italian so we probabyl both have fairly olive skin) and I've seen pictures of her with no makeup and she looks very pale, so its definitely not natural. I would be inclined to say she doesn't use sunbeds as most Hollywood people seem to be clued up about the dangers of them which leads me to fake tan... Does anyone know the fake tan Eva uses? It's always so perfect and streak free (I've had st tropez done profesionally but it still doesn't turn out like that) yes I am offically a fake tan obssessor :whistling:
  9. tinted moisturiser for some colour in winter and mascara...im lucky i have very dark long lashes but im so used to having dramatic lashes I now need them all the time
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