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    I work part-time for an insurance company. I am going to be married for 28 years this year and have three girls. I'm 48. YIKES! I haven't liked my makeup for 30 years. I found mineral makeup last year which eventually led me to this incredible forum. Now all my spare cash gets spent on brushes and eyeshadows.
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    anything by Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz and Sandra Brown
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    MAC, Bare Minerals eyeshadows, littlestuff4u,
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  1. Saturday I leave for a two week trip to Italy. I want to bring my Mad Minerals SPF powder but I'm afraid about going thru customs in Amsterdam with the white powder. I do not like the regular cream spf lotions because of my oily skin. I have been treated for skin cancer so I try be diligent about using the powder. Am I being worried about nothing as far as the custom agents go? I already have a one inch scar on my face from cancer surgery. I would prefer not to have any more. Has anyone had any problems at all with this product going thru customs?
  2. I agree. My three girls like a slightly heavier foundation because of acne issues. I increase the TiO2 and the zinc in the formula and decrease the serecite and kaolin clay. These minerals are more opaque, not as sheer. I like a lighter coverage and I need the kaolin clay for oilyness. That's what's so great about making your own, you can make exactly what your skin needs.
  3. I don't own the ebook either. BUT, I've only heard good things about the book. You can get by without the book but it's very time consuming searching the internet for help in formulating. A big help was Ice's thread on making MMU. She really gave a lot of us the courage to try it ourselves. I've read that thread so many times. I saw the pictures that were posted and decided that I could learn to do that also. To get back to the ebook, someday I will purchase it. If you have the cash, I think it would a great investment. Everything would be organized for you. I have a big binder that I've put all my handwritten notes and computer printouts. I'd rather have someone do the organizing for me. Have you been on the Coastal Scents forums yet? I don't get over there too often, but there should be some good tips and recipes from the owners and members.
  4. Originally Posted by Kasha I'm so sick of these twits. YES Originally Posted by SimplyElegant Haha wow. Their egos are way out of control. Double Yes. How many minutes of fame do these two nobs have left?
  5. Yes, this is a very long thread to read thru, but worth it. I think I've read the entire thread at least three times. Make sure you keep a notepad handy so you can write down recipes and tips as you move thru it. Are you using just brown for your foundation or adding it with other oxides such as yellow? I use a very small amount of brown. I use the Neutral Rose formula. I think it's from Cosmetic Formulator. Hope nothing happened to that site. I just tried it and it's down. Anyway, I add just a pinch of my brown oxide along with everything else listed. I do use the brown ocide and a little red for my finishing powder though. If you are talking about adding color to your foundation, I would use the combination of pigments, not just brown. That way you can tweak to your specific coloring.
  6. Originally Posted by kayleigh83 Yes, but the point of this article isn't just that minerals are nothing new, it's also that mineral makeup is made of exactly the same thing as regular makeup, just marketed differently. Similar, I suppose, to how one mascara is marketed as lengthening and one as curling, but they both contain basically exactly the same things. They're just trying to sell them to different customers! I'm going to disagree with this statement. I wear Meow Foundation. The ingredients are mica, titanium dioxide and oxides. I believe that Cory only has one ingredient along with the oxides. Take a look at any liquid foundation. What would you rather put on your face? The mineral makeup foundations that are hitting the market from the "big" companies are not in the same league as the smaller companies, IMHO. The larger companies are trying to get their piece of the pie back. Their mineral foundations have lots of fillers in them. Yes, all foundations use oxides as colorants but that doesn't make up the bulk of the foundation. In addition, a previous post mentioned that so many companies used talc. Once again, many of the smaller companies have very few ingredients and talc is usually not one of them.
  7. I'm going to second the Coastal Scents suggestion. Although I don't have their version of the flawless face brush, I do have two of their other brushes. They are very soft only not as dense as I would like. Another suggestion that I might make, I have a wonderful goat hair mop brush that I bought at Hobby Lobby in the art section. That sucker is the softest thing I own. My daughter loved it also so I had to get her one also. the brush has a long handle. One day, I'm going to have my husband shorten in up for me.
  8. I used the same brush for different products when I first got my Bare Minerals starter kit. I just couldn't decide what brush I wanted to use for each product. It took me a few months and additional purchases to get MY system figured out. I use a Lumiere long handle kabuki for my spf powder, a badger brush for my foundation, the flawless face brush for the True/Warmth/Glee. I use the BE kabuki for my mineral veil. I use the BE baby buki to apply my MAC mineral skinfinishes. Pretty much, I decided that I didn't want to put color on my foundation brush and I like the fluffy BE kabuki for my finishing powder. Keep plugging away, you'll find what works best for you.
  9. I've only had two experiences with MAC counters. Both very pleasant. My first experience was in a Macy's in Chicago. I called first to make sure that they had the Flashtronic collection. The gal was very nice, told me what item they hadn't received yet, then gave me directions to get to Macy's from the Botanical Gardens. She was just as helpful when I got there. My second experience was Black Friday. I was in Kansas City and when we got done with breakfast, I wanted to go to Nordstroms in the Oak Park Mall to browse the MAC counter. Mind you, we get up at 3:30 am to shop. There is no time to shower and do your hair or put great effort into your makeup. One of the gals spent so much time with my sister and I. My sister didn't even buy anything but was given a sample. I ended buying only one pigment. Even though my sister didn't buy anything that morning, the MA's there left a lasting impression on her because of how friendly everyone was and how great their makeup looked. The rest of my MAC has been purchased online because my closest counter is two hours away.
  10. Originally Posted by juls91285 So I've heard about green cream from this message board and was just wondering if anyone could answer a few questions. My internet searches haven't given me too many answers. I have oily/acne prone skin and really would like to get rid of the acne. I'm not sure what level I should use. Should I start with the level 3 or should I go with a higher level. I don't want to end up wasting money on a level 3 and then have it not really do much. any personal experiences/ opinions are highly wanted! Thanks! Have you tried the Green Cream yet? Usually I hear that you should start slow (level 3). Many people do jump straight to Level 6 though. I have been using Level 3 for almost a year now. I had absolutely no problems with it. Some people do experience flaking and purging. I will be ordering Level 6 soon. Why don't you order a sample of both Level 3 and 6. Piximus provided a link to the Green Cream website. There is a forum on that site and you can ask questions and read about peoples experience with their acne/skin conditions. I think there are lots of people who use Green Cream when they have breakouts.
  11. There are so many brands out there and they are considerably cheaper than BE or Jane Iredale. Bismuth can make you a little shiny and some women have problems with itching. My problem with BE wasn't with the bismuth but the lack of color choices. My foundation now is Meow. They have about 70-80 shades in foundation. You may need to decide what you are looking for in your foundation. I need oil control big time. I need to have a higher dose of kaolin clay. Maybe tell us something about you. Your age, your skin type. Have you read the Mineral Site sticky yet on this forum? My gosh that list is getting long. So many companies to research.
  12. Any has given you some good advice. There are a lot of recipes at Sweetscents and some at Coastal Scents. I myself have probably read this entire thread at least three times. The first time thru was for foundation advice/recipes. The second time thru was for mineral veil advice. The third time thru was for eyeshadow advice. Keep a notebook handy while you are going thru. I now have a binder full of notes and recipes that I printed.
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