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  1. Hi All! I have found that Aubreynicole lasts very long on me and I've only been using the soft coverage. I have the full coverage and tried it once, but want to finish up the soft. I find both are great. One not mentioned which covers extremely well and lasts all day is Joppa. That wears very well, no color change, no rub off, no shine. I find that the EDM does last all day on me too. But as many have mentioned it's an individual thing. If you have very oily skin, I think that the brands which contain Titanium Dioxide and Kaolin clay will hold up well. I use the matte formula in EDM. Remember what works for one person, doesn't for another. It's all up to your body chemistry and how it interacts with the makeup! CooCoo
  2. Originally Posted by debbiedeb77 oh yes girl, i had major cold feet but i just decided to jump in with two feet lol, however i think my case was understandable since i only knew him for 3 months before we got married....were going on 10 yrs in aug! marriage is hard work but absolutely worth it!! Me too. I only knew my husband for a short time (1st date February, 22nd) before we got unofficially engaged in April (in July for my birthday he gave me a gorgeous ring!) and then we married on January 30th and that was only because we couldn't get a reception hall sooner! So in short we were together only 11 months and most of that time was spent planning the wedding. I was okay up until the month prior to the wedding and then I just freaked! A little bit about my background: I had come from a very emotionally abusive family - my father is mentally unstable and both my mom and father had a horrendous marriage. She finally left him 3 years ago. I attribute a lot of my "nerves/hysteria" to feelings I had towards leaving both my mom and sister alone with that maniac. I felt as though I was abandoning them. There was a lot going on with me because of my crazy home life. I was a crazy mess, crying fits, feelings of being "trapped" - I thought I was losing my mind. And throughout it all, my husband (then fiance) was the best. I remember standing in our new apartment and sobbingly telling him - "I'll never see my mom and sister again" - and he said "but we're only 5 minutes away - you could walk to them if you had to." Now it's laughable, but it was a traumatic time - no joke. On our wedding day all the fears and jitters dissappeared, and I remember seeing his beaming smiling face at the altar waiting for me to walk down the aisle, and all I could do was smile from ear to ear! I felt such a sense of peace and contentment and I knew, that I knew it was the right decision to get married! Anyway - we've been married 16 beautiful years! And if I had it to do all over again, I would in a heartbeat! He is truly my soul mate and I can't imagine myself with anyone else. So, I'm saying all of this as an encouragement because at the time I didn't really know why I was feeling the way I did at the time. Why I had such feelings of regret and dread when just a few months prior I was so excited about starting a new life with a wonderful guy. As women, I think security is a major need of ours and while we're choosing our mate and anticipating our lives together, we forget to factor in the element of uncertainty that ANY decision contains - especially something as life-changing as a marriage! Hope this helps someone who may need to hear it. CooCoo
  3. Originally Posted by PrettyFlowers I have accepted his apology and for me being upset really got his attention. I basically told him that I thought I was being stood-up. I may have overeacted, but that was only because of my past experience. I've have heard co-workers complain that their husband don't always come home and they do get suspicious, because their reasons are just too good or not good enough. I think also hearing from other girls, it made me wonder what was going on. I want to give my bf lots of freedom to do whatever he wants, I just want good communication and in this case, it was not. It never occured to him to give me a call when he was out so long and past our agreement when we will meet (which was basically right after work) I'm no expert, but one thing really strikes me regarding this. Why couldn't he call to let you know what was happening and what the delay was? And "a husband (or wife) not coming home" is inexcusable - unless of course he's 1. taken to the hospital; 2. taken to the morgue; or 3. is going to be put there shortly by his wife BECAUSE he didn't come home the day before! This is totally inexcusable behavior - I don't care what excuse they give. There is NOTHING that can explain that away for me. I agree with giving your significant other "lots of freedom to do whatever he wants" - It is a very good indicator of their character. He/she should WANT to let you know where he is so you won't be concerned or worried and they should treat you at all times with the same respect that they'd expect to be treated. Sometimes people need to be reminded of this. I wish you well and hopefully he'll learn from this and become more sensitive to you! Big hugs to you, CooCoo
  4. I also wanted to add that when I washed it (used mild shampoo and cool water) it came out just as soft as when it was brand new. It dried incredibly quickly (by the evening it was completely dry - and it didn't lose 1 hair!!!!!! I use this brush every single day. I get a fantastic application with it, and it'll probably last forever. I'm lovin it! Anyone who hasn't tried this one, you won't be dissappointed if you do! CooCoo
  5. Originally Posted by Yola I like Visine with the mineral shadows when using them as a liner to help them "stick" but I don't gravitate to the loose shadows too often as it's more time consuming. I'm another fluidline lover. I agree, and use the Visine or store brand eye drops. Works great - it makes a great consistency and the staying power is fantastic. It doesn't irritate my eyes either. CooCoo
  6. Originally Posted by jellybabey have you tried using your minerals wet or going over your face after with a wet sponge or brush?...i pat mine with a damp kabuki brush after i apply the foundation sometimes(thats what i did today) i think it gives a nice finish ... thank you for your opinion i cant decide which is best and i have yet to try my signature and lauress sampleshaha ...ya makeuptalk is so addictive thank you everybodyxx Hey Jellybabey - you're welcome. I find that you have to wear them (think test drive) for a few days or a week or so in order to really find out what works for you. So far they all look great, but it's up to you to decide which one wears best overall. You even may end up with 2 or more that you can switch off to. That's what I do! And yes, I agree mmu is definitely addictive. But isn't it a blast trying all of them? And such an upgrade from liquid foundation. When I think I used that stuff all I can think of is, Yuck! CooCoo
  7. Hi Jellybabey! Let me start by telling you that you look great in all of your photos - with and without makeup! I also looked at your photos of the Joppa makeup and I have to say that I prefer those over these. The Meow looks a bit chalky (but that's just my opinion). The Joppa gave you an amazing match and terrific coverage, and it looks more natural on you. Just my 2 cents. And ask me why I'm on this forum instead of at a picnic, barbeque, or just hangin out with friends right now? It's because I don't have a life! Anyway, enjoy your 4th!!!!! CooCoo
  8. Happy July 4th Everyone! Here's the latest sale that Oceanmist is having: Ocean Mist Cosmetics, in recognition of Independence Day and the fourth of July celebration, invites you to our Sizzling Hot Summer SALE-A-BRATION! We are offering 20% off of EVERYTHING in our store. This offer Begins on July 4, 2008 and runs through July 11, 2008 so don’t miss out! To precipitate in these amazing savings use special promo code: july2008 I hope everyone get's in on the sale! And, Happy 4th of July Everyone! CooCoo
  9. For the month of June they're offering their makeup kit - 4 full size eyeshadow colors for only $10.00. They're normally $3.50 for each eyeshadow - plus they also have some new shades. I'm thinking of getting some as the new colors look really nice - plus I adore "amethyst gem" - I can't seem to find a color even remotely similar to that anywhere! CooCoo
  10. You know what works for me? I have found about 3 (probably more ) mineral brands that I like a lot and switch off between them. For some reason, I find the same happens to me. I can use EDM for weeks and then I just don't get the coverage I want. I then start to use either Oceanmist or Aubreynicole or Joppa and then those work for a while. Then it happens again! So I stop the one I'm using and then use a different one for a while. Maybe the skin get's used to it and it doesn't work so well anymore, sort of like shampoo or a hair styling product? I don't know, but when I go back to using the EDM (or whichever one stopped working well), it performs "excellently" (is that a word? ) again! Just thought that might help - you're not alone! It's what keeps me trying and buying more and more and more and more brands! Just don't go back to the conventional goop. That stuff is really cruddy. CooCoo
  11. Originally Posted by Saints 11% OFF THE ENTIRE WEBSITE Use Coupon Code: MOM For 3 days only, beginning now, Friday May 9th thru Sunday midnight EST May 11th, you will receive 11% off your entire purchase when using the coupon code MOM in your shopping cart.(discount will show when pressing recalculate). THANKS Saints! I placed my order - Padagonian Purple, Pixie Purple (Ya think I might like purple? ), Paradise Rose, Blue Mica Quartz, Camelion, Red (interface - supposedly some type of white powder that goes on like a sparklie reddish pink), Bordeaux. They're great! Thanks again!
  12. Aubrey Nicole is having a 20% off sale - just put in the code SUMMER to receive 20% off of your purchase! CooCoo
  13. Here is a new offer from Everydayminerals: Until April 24th for all orders over $25 you will receive a full size Pressed Powder Blush “All Smiles†as well as a mini size of your new Everyday Minerals "Start to Finish" Fair a beautiful new product consisting of a luxurious Mica, the finest Kaolin Clay, and Iron Oxides! Use it as a primer or as a perfect finishing powder. Helps control oil and gives your skin an even canvas for your foundation application; allowing your makeup to last longer through the day! We just know you will love it! An ideal finishing powder. CooCoo
  14. Let me start by saying, you look beautiful! I use Joppa and I love it - one of my favorites! I also ordered more a few weeks ago and though I didn't get my order as fast as some of the other companies, I did get it in a reasonable amount of time - about a week from the date of purchase. I've never had any problems with them and think that maybe those cases were just isolated instances? I don't know - but count me in favor of Joppa along with many others who post on this board. Excellent product which I received in a timely fashion. CooCoo:sheep:
  15. Plain serecite. It gives me a flawless finish. It isn't drying and gives me that airbrushed look. It helps with oil control in my T-zone as well. You ask where can you get some???? LOL! You can get some at a few places one of which is Coastalscents - look on their website under micas! Very inexepensive and it does the trick.

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