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  1. Originally Posted by La_Mari Celly, LOVE IT! Momo, you have perfect eyebrows. oh my god you have no idea how much that means to me I've had long periods of bad, bad brows.
  2. Yeah I hear the spine hurts but I am determined lol I'll bring popsicle sticks to bite down on
  3. I cant stand bikers who don't move onto the shoulders either! my boyfriend is a crazy driver but he hasn't hurt anyone or gotten in an accident. he signals and practices such precautions. I'm not defending him because he sure as hell scares the sh*t out of me but he is actually a good driver and all the daredevil stuff he does prepares him for safely swerving out of the way of other, horrible drivers.
  4. Three things that scare me: 1. ghosts 2. losing teeth 3. bourgeois Three people who make me laugh: 1. my boy 2. my cat..? 3. tom papa Three Things I love: 1. sunshine 2. books 3. food Three Things I hate: 1. hate is 2. way too 3. strong Three things I don't understand: 1. ignorance 2. 3. Three things on my desk: 1. unfinished fresca 2. botanical deodorant 3. speakers Three things I'm doing right now: 1. listening to the TV as if it were radio 2. last minute planning for a barbecue 3. pondering tommorrow's fotd Three things I want to do before I die: 1. leave an impact on modern social views 2. graduate to nirvana status 3. live alone, even if just for a little bit Three things I can do: 1. art 2. come off as strange 3. make random friends Three ways to describe my personality: 1. reserved 2. outgoing 3. I take getting to know, like that guy on shopgirl Three things I can't do: 1. 2. 3. convince myself that I can't
  5. Momo


    If on the off chance I get married (I'll just go with the flow) I'd like to go to brazil or greenland. I'd for sure go somewhere with a nice spa.
  6. I think I am at a good place with makeup. Any more though and I'm screwed.
  7. Ok I'm lightyears behind but I wanted to share this because I have never worn black eyeshadow before and I think I got it right... Face: Meow Fierce Siamese+Naughty Chartreux Cheeks: Meow Cat House blush Lips: F'max gloss in Mocha+Meow Cat House+Meow Harlot blush Highlight: Red Earth Magic Potion in Magician+Goldie eyeshadow in Dream Eyes: The Face Shop gel eyeliner in black under Goldie eyeshadow in Night Owl, Goldie Eyeshadow in Metal and no mascara! I knew I forgot something
  8. oh that's really more elegant than the normal tramp stamp. I like how they go together. Did you go to the same artist each time?
  9. Originally Posted by Battygurl Sheikah have u seem my back tattoo I just got done July 2? aw show us already. lol jk i'd love to see it my tattoo will be all along my spine, from the back of my neck to the "tramp stamp" spot lol (will it count as a tramp stamp? hmmm) Obviously it's not the biggest tat ever but it's big haha Also Kee I like that colorful tree.
  10. Hehe my tattoo is going to be huge, and something I've connected to since I first saw it in a gallery (part of a Frida Kahlo painting) I was, I don't know 13/14 so her work really made an impression on me. I also remembered seeing it when I was much younger. So after reading your stories, I think that's proof that I won't regret it. Oh also I might get reproductions of my grandpa's tats, he only had a couple black ones, but I need to think about it first and get ripped like he was (he was a boxer). lol.
  11. lol! tramp stamp! you said it not me!
  12. Aveeno Animal Testing sorry I had to say it lol
  13. lol at the PCP thing. I'm still thinking about bringing my own lighting into Sephora
  14. Checking in to see if anyone has had any luck with their pits this summer! I've been using botanic deodorant and it's a nice gentle alternative to other deodorants with the irritant aluminum in it. Also it is much cheaper than the Dermadoctor stuff mentioned in my previous thread. In the Philippines I learned about several lightening creams made especially for the underarm. I purchased Sensa White Underarm Whitening Cream (Welcome to SENSA Incorporated) and I am pretty satisfied with the results. Pros: cheap and effective Cons: I can only get it in the P.I. and it has a strong smell. Also the ingredients list is not very complete. I have been gently exfoliating, but not regularly, and it seems to help. I only do it when I have been sweating a lot and it's uncomfortable.
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