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    My birthday is actually March 14, 1977. I'm not sure why I'm younger on this site!
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    I live for staying active and sports. College football, riding my wave-runner, beach volleyball, tennis, skiing, and traveling. I've been told I'm a good conversationalist and listener...but I am shy, so it's tough for me to actually start one up with someone I don't know....but once I do, I'm good to go!
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    Finished Grad School in May!
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    old school 1994 red BMW 325iS (160,000 miles and still kicking!)
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    too many to mention!
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    Classic Rock, hard rock from the 80's and 90's, cheesy pop music from the 80's and 90's as well...don't like too much new stuff...just doesn't have the same spirit and style!
  • Favorite Books
    Doctor Faustus, Canes Mutiny, All I Ever Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
  • One Interesting Fact About Me
    ummm....I dunno what constitutes interesting. I guess I come from a big family, 5 brothers and one sister...same parents...and both are still married. That's kinda rare I guess!
  1. Wow. I'm not saying there are no attractive female news/weather correspondents, but the Italian station and the Spanish-News ones in the clips below are just out of this world! Despite my pretty good command of the Spanish language, I have a hard time concentrating on the material she is trying to convey. HAHA! YouTube - beautiful weather girl YouTube - weather chica
  2. Just wanted to thank you for your help on the skin creame recommendations you gave me. I wound up getting the Dr. Perricone brands from the Sephora store at my local mall. It wasn't as pricey as I expected, but seems to feel good on my face. I got both the skin firming creame and the moisturizing one. I also got the Dermatologist-DDF brand which has a built in SPF-15 for every day use. Thanks for all the help!!!
  3. Wow Fever....thanks for the info. You rock! :rockwoot: After reading the description of the one product I'm interested in, it says that I can't use it around my eyes. Is there another type of cream I need for the eye area? Also, what is a good night-time cream? Obviously I would be using the SPF product during the day. Thanks! Ohh forgot to respond about the Mary Kay product that was brought up by Jean. How does that daytime product compare to the ones mentioned at Sephora? I don't want this to turn into a "my product is better than yours!!!"... HAHA. Thanks!
  4. I'm a bit new here, and was looking to get some info on what you guys would recommend for a facial cream for men. I live in South Florida, so I've always been buying the stuff that has the built-in SPF sunscreen. If you look at my external profile on myspace, you can take a look a what I look like (face type...or whatever if that helps). www.myspace.com/orangebowl9 If you could point me to an already existing thread on this topic or list some brands/options and where I can best purchase them. I'm looking for something, in general, that I can apply once or twice a day, non-greasy, built-in SPF (if possible), and helps with facial wrinkles and evening out of skin tone. Thanks!!!!!
  5. Haha. Gotcha. Today won't be a problem...I was planning on running outside, but it's raining and yucky. I'm scared to death to hit the stores to buy holiday cards, b/c the traffic there these days is just a mess in those parking lots. Think I'll just chill inside for the time being... Originally Posted by Little_Lisa /img/forum/go_quote.gif In the sex forum. You'll have to wait just a little while longer to be able to gain access in there. Keep posting!
  6. I dunno. I always got crap from my g/f about starring at other girls. Not in a bad way, but she just didn't understand Men are just very visually stimulated, moreso than women. That's my theory...not that I go to them much, rarely actually, but there are lots of strip clubs, and only a handful of ones for women to see naked guys, although I think those are more geared for gay guys. I'm not quite sure since I never been too one!
  7. Just saw on ESPN that over 17,000 saw #1 UCLA play #4 Nebraska in a regular season college volleyball match. That's very impressive..you rarely get that attendance for a NBA game, let alone a Women's college one. I love volleyball, where I grew up most of my guy friends always thought it was a chick sport, Idiots.
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