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  1. Originally Posted by makeupprincess in defence of luminaire i think this only applies to international shipping and that is because unless you use the international express there really is no way to track it so people can easilymake false claims.. they must have been bitten quite a few times before making that policy.. obviously in the us delivery confirmation is cheap so it should be no problem proving when it shipped and if it ever got delivered.. those complaining of the 25$ u r assuming they use the flat rate box.. I believe we understand the $25 is for Express International, and not a flat rate box. Also, go try checking out on Lumiere's site and read the shipping tnc page that comes up. It applies to US orders too, $20 Express is the only option which is guaranteed for domestic.
  2. Originally Posted by missnadia PC's shipping to Canada is 7.50$ for an order of 35$. Shipping price is proportional to the amount of money that you spend so it increases (but not my much) for larger orders. . That is a reasonable shipping charge. Originally Posted by missnadia We agree then that there are options for businesses that would allow them to be insured against lost packages. Well let me ask you this, why isn't Lumiere or other businesses with the same policy looking into purchasing insurance against lost orders? . They should
  3. Originally Posted by missnadia The equation goes like this from what I remember: Profit = Revenue - Cost Let's assume for example's sake that it costs her 20$ (big overestimation) in materials + packaging for an order that she will sell me at 80$. Profit = 80$ - 20$ = 60$ If a package gets lost, she will have to spend 20$ twice to replace it. So then Profit = 80$ - (20$ x 2) = 40$ That's still 40$ of profit that she will make. It's not a loss. A loss occurs when your profit is negative, that is, when your cost is bigger than your revenue. Unless there's some accounting factors that I am not aware of, she is still making a considerable profit even if she decides to send out a replacement package for every order.. I'm not saying she's making a total loss of $80. I'm saying she would lose her cost + profit from the sale, which she would have gotten if the sale had been delivered successfully. Also, what her cost is is just an assumption, who knows how much it is. Originally Posted by missnadia So you are saying that customers should be understanding of companies because what happens after they ship the package then it's beyond their control? When a package is lost, the company still gets to keep the profit that they've made off of my 80$ order. What do I get? NOTHING. Money's gone and you feel cheated because you've been stressing about your order for 2 months. And I'm still the one who should be understanding of them while they get to keep all the money without lifting a finger? I think business is business, but if you want to talk about understanding, how about they show a little understanding of me? No, I am not saying that. I am just speaking for myself. I can definitely understand how disappointing it is not to get your order, and how the loss of $ hits you. I am a consumer who orders online often too. But if the mail goes through USPS, it really is no longer under the control of the company we ordered from. I would be disappointed if my package was lost, I would appreciate the company resending my order, I would also appreciate them doing the best to check with USPS what happened, and showing me evidence that they mailed it out. But, if they really couldn't replace my order, esp if sent first class, I would personally not hold them responsible. Depending on how they dealt with the whole thing and their attitude, I may or may not shop with them in future. When one shops online, there is always a risk of not receiving our packages. On the other hand, for these businesses, they have to deal with the risks of lost mail and selling off the internet. To have delivery more certain, registered or insured mail are good options if shipping costs can be kept reasonable at the same time. I believe there must be business insurance plans which could cover for lost orders too? If the companies are covered for losses, then I would expect them to replace my order. And again, there really are dishonest people out there who might lie to get freebies. Not saying that you or anyone else is such a person. However, I understand your feelings, individual opinions vary and I respect yours. Originally Posted by missnadia Lastly, I believe that companies can get deals on shipping as well as insurance. Paula's Choice ships Priority International to Canada, and they don't have the ridiculous "I'm not responsible if it gets lost" policy. They're probably insured and they probably got a deal on shipping because of the amount of packages that they ship. Certainly I agree with that. Sounds like Paula's Choice would have some sort of insurance shipping Priority International. Then they'd better replace my order if it's lost Just that most of us want affordable shipping too. I've never ordered from PC, is their Priority International shipping charge reasonable? I also agree with you that there are cheaper and better options Lumiere should look into. They are coming across high-handed in the way they state their new shipping policies.
  4. I opened up the foundation and finishing powder jars, they're packed to the brim! Very generous!
  5. I think there are slightly cheaper shipping options. For international, there's first class mail + registered which should end up 15 thereabouts, or priority + insurance which would be around 20. For domestic, I don't get why they're stating so 'loudly' that there's no replacement/guarantee unless u take the express $20 option, that's really high for domestic. Wasn't the lack of tracking what Kim said was a problem? Don't u get delivery confirmation available with USPS in the US? Yes, it may still be delivered wrong, but the seller is pretty protected that way. Doesn't UPS have pretty reasonable domestic shipping fees with tracking? Personally, I do understand how there may be honest people who really did not get their package, and dishonest people who're trying to get free stuff. As long as it can be proven to me that you sent it out, I will trust that you did, and not hold you responsible for lost mail if it happened outside your sphere of influence. Yes, if it was an $80 order, and did not arrive, it doesn't mean it's an $80 loss to the company. But, it does mean a loss of the cost, and the profit the company would have gotten, a total of $80. To us, it's a total loss. For them, they can write off the profit. To replace, they would lose another $80 of cost + profit. I have no idea what their cost is, that would be the crux I guess. Of course, by replacing the package we did not receive, we would be very happy with their service, but is it really right to expect them to be responsible for what is beyond their control? An online business with items to be shipped is different from buying from a brick and mortar shop. I think they should buy insurance against such business losses. Are there such insurances out there for companies? Tell me, do the big companies selling online replace lost mail? Is this expectation more for the small businesses? I have no idea, but am curious about that. In summary, I don't really have a problem with Lumiere's new policy for international. I will just be more worried about my packages not getting here. At least I still have the choice of cheaper shipping. If it was only the $25 option available, I would probably never buy from them again. And yep, I would never opt for that ridiculous shipping option for such small and light items, unless it was a really huge order. Lumiere is a very interesting company. They have really made it big. In the beginning, they had wonderful sales (when Kim was clearing out her old MHM jars) with free shipping, and prices were really very low when she started Lumiere. Then she changed the sample sizes, they used to be all in baggies and were very generous samples. I regret trying to save and not ordering more samples during that time. The e/s baggie samples were supposed to be changed to just 1/16 tsp!! I see that she doesn't offer e/s samples in baggies at all now, just the jars with 1/8. Then she raised her prices when business got busier and better. And she said, costs going up (which is true) but it's still free shipping, just the shipping is incorporated into the prices of the products. But, I'm international, I said. I don't have free shipping. ( I am paying for more expensive products, but I'm still paying the same $6 shipping. My stuff is still coming in envelopes which cost much less than $6. I feel that's not too right somehow. Ok, her prices are still good, though they were wonderfully much cheaper before, so there I was regretting again that I didn't purchase more (esp those 10 e/s sets) before prices went up. Then she changed her shipping policy to charge for domestic below $25? Hmm that must mean her free shipping thing and her theory about how she likes a what you see is what you get price is not working out. But international shipping became cheaper, and I appreciated that. And the latest is this no guarantee thing. Of course, there were other changes in between too, I don't claim to remember all accurately (please correct me if I stated any wrong info). We had those try me kit deals with no free int ship change to free int ship, a min domestic order imposed, the try me kit price increased, pre-buy brushes, her shop being set up, them moving, and did she take away the smaller jar sizes somewhere? I liked those.... Lots of changes, and I don't believe she's not making money, if she can set up a shop. I don't really understand the pre-buy brush thing too. Some people claim she's doing it as a favour for us. Others who dare to say she's making money out of it are quickly shot down. I totally don't believe she's not making money. Yes the brushes are really cheap (which makes me wonder what is their actual cost) and I'm happy and grateful I get to buy such cheap brushes, but who in their right minds would do such a thing, (which needs alot of work and coordination) as a favour? This is a business she's running. I can see several obvious reasons. First, by doing these pre-buys, she's getting funds months earlier which she can make use of, probably before she settles the full bill with her supplier. That's smart. Then, she's getting more traffic to her site, more promotion, some people will surely look around and order other stuff. I know she had some brush losses etc. but I still think her cost was probably low enough for her to make some profit on the brushes, or else no business would do such a thing. So hopefully she could cover her brush losses with her profit. Lumiere has a huge international customer base, I believe, due mainly to their reasonable international shipping rates. They have also gotten less nice as they got more successful, but I guess that's not too unusual. Their forum is quite a joke, it's not a company forum but people can't complain or rant there, or they'll get hammered. I still like their products and prices, and if I can ignore that no guarantee, I will still buy as long as her prices remain at this level. I just find the whole development from MHM to Lumiere, and all the changes Lumiere went through, and how they achieved their success, pretty amazing, seeing how many mmu companies are out there.
  6. I just got my order I made during the free ship sale last wednesday, Joppa ships fast! I ordered several sample foundation kits, blush sampler and e/s samples. Knowing that they are generous with free samples, I was a little disappointed cuz I only got one eye cream sample, and I don't use eye creams. I would've preferred mmu samples. So... not sure if I'm unlucky or they just had too many orders recently. I don't blame them for not giving me more free samples but don't expect too much and be disapponted!
  7. OMG I already have lots of Meow foundation samples but Manx sounds like it will be a perfect match... tks Ruby for the update!
  8. I've got combi skin, both dry and oily. I like Lumiere's Luminesse with the vit e, and yet I also like foundations without vit e. Thanks for telling me foundations with vit e can separate, I will keep that in mind. You've been very helpful, Ruby2, thank you!
  9. Taylormade minerals! Very affordable, and very reasonable shipping too!
  10. Hey mauwong! KT Naturals sounds good, thanks for telling me your shades, that's a great starting point for me! Hi Ruby, I realise FF is more opaque, it is easier to get a match with the PPs, but my complexion needs more coverage on bad days Otherwise the PPs are great! I can actually wear both warms and yellows, I do ok with some peach + yellow undertones. So I was thinking of trying some Ws as well as the Bs. I looked at MBo's site, started carting foundation samples, and ended up with $50 worth of samples! ( I just couldn't decide whether to get samples with or without vit e, or which coverage formula, so I picked everything! Bad habit of mine lol! 2 dollar samples just add up to so much more. Anyway, I'll put MBo on hold first while I check out other people's matches in MBo and read more about the different formulas. Can't afford to spend so much sampling! Do write when you try out your samples, would love to hear what you think. Oooh YAY! Finally I have 10 posts and can see links! Wahahahahaha!
  11. Hmm I can't remember if I tried the pampered or FF naughty abyss... all the sampling has made me confused lol. I like the looks of the Bs and the Ws for MBo, definitely feel like sampling some... hehe. Thanks for telling me what samples you ordered!
  12. Yes the no replies despite resends happened to me too. Partly why I looked elsewhere. I understand there's a Kathy helping out with emails now so hopefully the situation is better. Meow's CS is fantastic, the lovely Ashley replies to every email real quickly!
  13. Hello there! I don't have enough posts to see what you wrote after "KT Naturals also has good..." ?? Could you possibly tell me what shade you wear in Lumiere VV and FF, and what you wear in KT Naturals? You do look fairer than I am though Thanks!
  14. Hi, thanks so much for your reply! I tried naughty abyss but find it a little too beige or something? haven't tried naught angora straight as it looks scary yellow, will give it a try later! I actually like Meow's concealer formulas better than their foundation, as the concealers give better coverage, but they are more expensive also. I will look into MBo. I haven't tried them yet as their website is always very slow to load for me, and I'm not sure what shades... what did you order to sample?

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