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  1. I can sympathies, I've been graduated for a year now and still can't get anything in my field It is frustrating working at the same place I worked at while I was in school and getting paid LESS than I was in high school. Driving a fork lift around all day was not my career plan. That being said, I am seeing lots of positions opening up for the summer time, so keep on plugging away and sending out resumes!
  2. Uh oh, I've been craving a lot of chocolate lately. I wonder if it's because chocolate is a comfort food, and when you are depressed you want comfort?
  3. Ouch, that hurts. I used to work at a warehouse job where I was treated similarly. When a supervisor position opened up, I applied for it and really wanted it. One day I heard that they were going to get an outside hire, so I went to my manager and asked why they were getting an outside hire when they hadn't even interviewed me for the job yet. It ended up coming out that the guys had been hesitant to work with me in the first place, but when they found out that I wanted to be a supervisor and move up in the company they had put their foot down. They told the manager there was not way they would take orders from a chick, even though they would all admit that I was the hardest worker there. I gave my two weeks notice on the spot. I ended up getting a job for Wal-Mart in the stock room. It was a huge step down in pay, but it was a better atmosphere. Even though I was the only girl in the back room, we still had fun together and they always made sure to include me when anything was done. I'm happy that I made that change. Life is too short to work somewhere that makes you cry every time you come home from work. Plus, the cut in pay made me realize that i needed to go back to school and make something of myself.
  4. Wow that is just wrong. I have a friend who wore a tux to her high school grad. She dresses quite masculine, and since the grad was formal it was either wear that or a gown and she was uncomfortable in the gown. The school even let her bring her girlfriend as a date, and this was a conservative Catholic school.
  5. I have bad luck. Every time I find a product/shade that I absolutely love and think I can't live without, as soon as I need to go buy more it has been discontinued. I like the Clinique shimmer squares when they come out with them. They make for a natural blush / eye shadow look. For subtle. They haven't come out with them for a few seasons now, probably because they found out that it is the only Clinique product that I actually like.
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