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  1. I'm REALLY tempted to get hellbent. I was watching LA Ink a couple of nights ago and I was wondering if the different shades that she was wearing lately were from her line.
  2. 1. I no longer have my 94 Civic , I now have a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer 2. & 3. My dream car regardless of price is a Lancer Evolution, I'm currently in love with the X, but still partial to the VIII
  3. Hi, everyone! Just wanted to say hello, and I'm still pregnant. I was due Tuesday, and I am completely miserable! Hope everyone that was pregnant when I left either has a perfect little baby, or is having a healthy pregnancy. Update me!
  4. My daddy just had to have surgery because he was getting almost no circulation to his right foot. I'd been telling him for months that his foot just didn't look right and he should get it checked out. But, being the stubborn old man that he is, he waited until the point where he couldn't sleep because his foot was in so much pain. I don't know exactly what the problem was, but there was some type of nerve damage.
  5. Originally Posted by La_Mari Sorry I had to bump, I was deleting old suscribed threads and I guess you were pregnant Kat! LOL, yep, I guess my boobs were warning me!
  6. KatJ

    Maternity photos

    Originally Posted by Adrienne That's not something you hear a pregnant women say often lol. I really love the fingerpainting one as well. Definitely have one with your husband too. Well, with Alana I was small. I was due any day and still had people asking "so, what are you about 7 months?" So, this time I'm pretty excited about being a little bigger. Originally Posted by jmgjmg623 Aww, wish I had gone through with mine. That's exactly why I'm doing it! I don't have any pics at all of my first pregnancy, and I don't want to regret not doing it this go around. Originally Posted by Gwendela I think one of your daughter kissing your belly would be sweet. Awww, that's got to be a definite! Originally Posted by Nick007 I always see the one where the husband is bending down kissing the belly. And there is the one where you make your fingers into a heart and put that around your bellybutton. I think I'm going to follow tradition and get at least one of the husband bending down, but I hate the heart one for some reason! Originally Posted by Darla_G I think it is great that you are into the idea Kat. I have heard too many women who just absolutely hated how they looked and it is a very special time. It is really good that you are doing well. My wife was very sick, every day throughout both pregnancies and was even hospitalized twice so I know she would have never gone for this idea. I love how I look pregnant. But, then again I am lucky and carry really well. With my first, and thus far with this one, my stomach and boobs are the only areas that grow. I'm actually feeling pretty good, besides being tired all the time, and having a constant back/head ache. I'll take that over nausea anyday. Originally Posted by bella1342 I wish I would've done this too. Maybe next time. I totally loved being pregnant. Every part about it. Kat, they gave you some good ideas. I also love the example pic you posted. I hope we get to see them when they're done. At least if you wait, you'll be able to have the kids in the picture with you. I'm glad you're lucky enough to love being pregnant! I enjoy it (for the most part), and miss it when the time is over, but I've never really been able to say I love it. I'll definitely post them whenever I get them!
  7. KatJ

    Maternity photos

    Originally Posted by internetchick I like the ones where they paint their bellies. Oh my God,I can totally imagine my daughter finger painting on my belly!!!
  8. In about a month or so, I'm going to get some maternity shots taken! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get bigger so I can get them done. I'm going to be getting some solos, some with just me and my daughter, me and my husband, and some family shots. The lady I'm going to isn't a pro, and I'm not especially creative, so I'm asking ya'll to share some of your favorite preggo shots. (of yourself or ones you have seen online) This is one of my favorites www.linnealenkus.com/pregnancy2.html
  9. Aha! I figured out how they get the color by looking at that picture of Pink. When you bleach your hair out, in order to get the white that so many people want, you need an ashy toner. These people are using a violet toner!
  10. KatJ

    Im Nervous!

    The lap is nothing, they patch you up with a band-aid afterwards.
  11. I'm a member of both the Fort Bliss and El Paso groups. I also joined Cheapcycle, which is the same concept, only things are super cheap. I've gotten a couple of things, and have gotten rid of a few items that I don't need.
  12. My daughter took this one at 2 1/2! What a happy accident, lol: With my old kodak, my first camera: A couple my husband took when we were on a helicopter: Learning how to use the ISO on our new camera: My babies: My new favorite picture, hahahaha. All uterus! Too bad I don't look this pregnant standing up:
  13. My pictures aren't exactly breath-taking, just random things that make me smile pretty much My main subject: Photobucket is taking 10.5 years to load tonight, so I'll add more tomorrow.

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