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  1. Thanks Letty and Anelle. I didn't think of trying to apply them that way. I'd say I was fairly experienced with lashes, but I think I'll stick to one layer. It's my work christmas party lunch, so I don't want to look crazy over the top
  2. LOL! Letters, that is pretty much a good sum up of my own situation too, hahaha!
  3. thanks ladies! I guess it's supposed to look more... fluttery that way? I just kind of wanted to see or hear what it was like! I couldn't imagine it! And Adrienne! I hope you're well chicken!
  4. oooh I'm totally OCD about highlighters. I keep them in a rainbow colour order, and I hate it when people take some out and don't return them to the packet, haha! I love the smell of christmas trees and usually go and smell them when they come into the shops at this time of year...
  5. omg I missed you guys! hey there chickens! what's been going down?
  6. HOLY COW ladies!!! I haven't been online in AGES! how are we all? I missed you all! I hope everyone is great! I was just reading an interesting article in the newspaper today... an article about how to apply false lashes. Anyway, part of the article was discussing multiple layers of false lashes. Have any of you tried this? Or can point me towards some pictures of celebs (or themselves) wearing multi layered? How would you even glue them on? Do you apply the first layer, then wait for it to dry, apply the next? or do you stick your falsies together first, and then apply them to the lash line? Tell me everything!
  7. So they were having a champagne shopping event when I walked past David Jones, a high end department store in Sydney. So I got my free glass of champagne and came home with... OPI Koala Bear-y MAC fluidlines in Dipdown (just a replacement) MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Insanely It
  8. Here is mine for today! OPI Koala Bear-y. I plan on wearing a top in a similar colour, as well as MAC's Insanely It lipstick
  9. I was thinking that too. Thanks ladies - I don't think I'll buy from her. It's so frustrating, they sell that same necklace for $700 here! and it's only $500 in the US!
  10. thanks Andi. So... retinoid products can be used on stretchmarks with better results? I have retinoids I was prescribed for acne treatment. Would they be safe to use on stretchmarks as well?
  11. Nawww, thread love! It's like giving a younger version of myself advice, lol I think over the last 4 years, the price of laser has really gone down. I'm very impressed with the results I've had from it.
  12. lol, only a few more posts to go T! Hey look, I'm only 2200 behind you!
  13. I was very impressed with the dress. I thought it was beautiful and stylish, but still conservative -- which is entirely appropriate for the family she was marrying into, as well as the institution she's become a part of. I thought she looked very confident and happy...
  14. This seems to have better reviews than Bio Oil, which we have a few threads on... just wondering if anyone has used it, and what they thought? I bought some today. I'll be interested to see if it does anything for stretchmarks I'll let you know how I go!
  15. Hey ladies! I'm thinking of bidding on this necklace, and I think it's genuine, but I thought I'd get some secondary opinions... Aren't the nails awesome!? This is the link: http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290560442491 thanks in advance!
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